The art of letter writing


What a shame stupidity is, by this i do not mean a lack of intellect.

There are many different kinds of intelligence: emotional, academic, gifts in all areas of life. While I enjoy witty conversation, I am not such a snob as to judge people merely on the basis of being able to pass exams, or what books they have read.

I do however have a marked impatience for laziness. When I receive ‘one liner’ emails, or those which demonstrate a complete lack of ability in reading instructions, My immediate response is to kick them to the curb. End of story.

Call Me old fashioned but I do adore a well written letter. Words either on the page or in type which show something of the person writing, some warmth, some sense of an individual human being.

A personal passion is the sending of ‘snail mail’ to dear friends, handwritten letters on PAPER, tucked into envelops, stamped and addressed, sent winging their way to cities near and far.
No matter that this method of communication takes a little longer than a hastily dashed off email or text message, the point is the care and time taken to write.

That one small effort demonstrates so much about real intentions.

Of course I’m not quite at the stamp collecting phase of life, nor do I think I ever will be. That’s more likely to be your job, and they would be the kind of stamps you might collect when lying on the floor underneath my boot.

The point I wish to make is on the importance of focus, being able to pay attention to detail and to follow instructions. To assist your mind in building this picture, imagine if you will a slave sitting alone doing his ‘homework’. Head bowed in concentration, he puts pen to paper constructing a revealing letter: detailing his thoughts, deepest wishes and fears regarding sessions with Mistress, himself laid bare. There you have it, the picture of perfect anticipation and tension.

Imagine if you will that such a slave would be welcomed into session, ordered to kneel and to read his letter aloud.Ā  An activity that would be sure to elicit a smile of My pleasure.

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