Bound and gagged…. (or how I escaped macrame hell)


Some time ago I had the pleasure of attending a local SM Dykes workshop on rope bondage.

Now rope is not one of the things I would put in my top 20, or even top 50 list of ‘kinky things I like to do before dinner’. I have been known to refer to the explosion in popularity of rope groups, workshops, events and photo-shoots as ‘macrame for perverts’, and to regard it with as much interest! So it was a pleasant surprise to find Myself won over in the course of the workshop.

I do love restraints! I’m certainly one of those people who will come at you armed with a baseball bat and a roll of gaffa tape: ‘hold still while I bind you tight or else!’ …and who knows what will happen to you once you are helpless. I also love to strap down My victims to a sturdy leather bench, feeling the strong leather straps in My hands and the bite of leather against skin as I secure My subject, vulnerable and beyond the ability to escape.

But what My problem has been with rope is the kind of over technical and rather nerdish virtuosity I have seen demonstrated in the past. Make no mistake, SKILL is a wonderful thing, its great to see some one who is a real master in their craft. But when I see more attention paid to how a knot is tied, what kind of rope is being used and who is tying; than how HOT a scene is and how much energy is present between the players…. then my heart sinks.

The workshop: An hour and a half of watching and and trying various techniques with rope, and what grabbed my attention was that not only was the presenter extremely proficient with rope but she had a PASSION for her material. She was a rope sadist, her senses alert to how the friction of rope sliding across skin might feel, or how to hold ones submissive helpless while tying, her focus was on producing erotic tension and excitement when playing with rope. She laughed, she pinched her submissives helpless flesh, and she used rope as a tool of her Dominance. Now there’s woman after my own heart. That’s what captured My attention and introduced Me to a new interest.

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