online perversion


I don’t think I have ever seen myself as ‘nerd’ material, I don’t own any horn-rimmed glasses or any cable knit cardigans with interesting leather buttons. I admit I sniggered while writing the words ‘horn-rimmed’ and that My ears pricked up at the mention of ‘leather’ buttons…oh and I’m not sure if everyone is already aware of My addiction to science fiction novels? But that’s as close as the comparison gets, I’m not much of a ‘stay at home’ type.

I’m some one who likes to get out and about. Lately I’ve been exploring the local wild areas as the weather gets warmer and thinking how lovely it might be to enjoy some outdoor humiliation sessions. A slave pinned down firmly in the undergrowth, afraid to cry out in case of attracting attention to their predicament. Myself laughing and applying just a little bit more pressure to tender regions, muffling those cries with My ample panty-clad behind. Stinging nettles aren’t the only things you should watch out for when out rambling.

I digress! What I wanted to talk about was having been without internet for something like TEN DAYS. Hilarious because beforehand I looked forward to this, planned all the things I would get done without being constantly pulled to the computer screen, but I found I missed the connection very much!

It was so much harder to keep up with and enjoy the little exchanges that I have with those who I train online. I missed My webcam sessions and the close connections I have on there, and of course I was unable to express and publish My opinions online!

So I’m glad to be back in the land of the keyboard as it gives Me so many opportunities to let My imagination run riot, and to find those who I will subject to the resulting mental concoctions designed to make your cock hard and your knees weak. What a happy hunting ground the internet is, it’s brought Me so many toys and playthings and now I’m making up for lost time, recording new clips and pictures and uploading them very soon.

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