Conference! Whoop! Whoop!


It’s still almost a whole month away but I am excited about the upcoming BDSM conference at the end of the month. I didn’t make it to the Easter Conference in Berlin, being otherwise occupied with house moving, so I have missed catching up with the international queer pervert community very much.

The past few days I have been perusing the list of workshops, thinking about how to choose between the three streams offered at any given time during the day. Taking note of international presenters I haven’t seen in a while and doing a little bit of swearing and cursing about the more obvious clashes.

What I love about all of the various conferences and gatherings during the year is that its a place to relax in the company of like minded perverts. Sharing knowledge and skills is invaluable, I’ve often learned a few tricks, been entertained, and seen hot demonstrations. But what I relish more than anything else is to look about me and know absolutely that I’m in a room filled to bursting with downright filthy kinksters. Happiness.

Community is a very arbitrary term, often misused and one which can sometimes fall short of our expectations. I’m realistic about the nature of this community of Dykes, trans and queers, despite the inevitable personality politics, occasional dyke drama and the diversity of opinions on any given issue present there IS a very strong sense of common purpose and belonging.

So yes! Very much looking forward to spending time on the perve farm!!

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