Small penis, humiliation, fantasy, role play and ‘The Patriarchy’. *le sigh*

I can feel a RANT coming on. Recently i have noticed a few comments from others that are very judging of other peoples kinks. If there is one rule I have held precious in the kink community it is ‘don’t judge other peoples kinks’! That and the important element that the privacy of the dungeon, or online connections, allows us to explore our fantasies.

So it is with some ire that I have noted some scathing remarks made of late about cross dressing and small penis humiliation, I’ve heard similar assumptions made about ‘enforced bi’ in the past. I’m not sure what sort of righteousness it is that inspires others to comment on worlds they know next to nothing about but while making Me slightly protectively annoyed it has also made me giggle.

Here are those ill informed assumptions: 1. That people into SPH are oppressing themselves and everyone else by enjoying a form of humiiation that focuses on penis size as a measure of manliness. 2. That ‘sissys’ and those who fetishize cross-dressing, and want to be forced to cross-dress of humiliated for it, hate women. 3. that ‘enforced bi’ is homophobic, everyone should be having homosexual sex as a matter of course to prove how queer friendly they are!

Of course what is missing from these assumptions (apart from any intelligence) is the idea of fantasy, fetish, the attraction of taboo and the excitement of sexual exploration. Desire is complex, often we may explore new aspects of ourselves in role play, we may ease into new skins, we may even rid ourselves of fears and demons, SAFE within the boundaries set.

The same people that judge others desires, would of course never dream to look at their own kinks in the same way. In My own life I adore all kinds of edge play, nothing makes me hornier than the idea of holding My houseboy down and raping him, I’m a sadist who most of all loves to get inside My submissives mind and inspire fear and embarrasment. Does any of this translate into a real time desire for violence or to be a complete asshole in the day to day? NO, OF COURSE IT DOESN’T. IT’S ROLEPLAY.

Any kinkster worth their salt understands the distinction between fantasy and reality, play is PLAY. Which doesn’t make it any less exciting, sexy, horny or thrilling, when we face each other breathless in the dungeon.

Plus…I would be rather SAD if there were no tiny penises to laugh at, sissies to encourage, humiliate and put to good use, or those nervous bi-explorers to be forced to suck cock.

Recommended viewing: the Bruce LaBruce film ‘Raspberry Reich’

the more x-rated version is ‘the revolution is my boyfriend’

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