Vienna Holiday 25th – 30th June

newshoes! copy

Well seeings as London has had such a complete blazer of a summer so far I have decided to do what I did last year and get some sun elsewhere. While Berlin is a favourite destination, this year I have decided to visit friends in Vienna and spend a few days in hopefully MUCH warmer climes.

There are a few added cultural advantages too, I’m planning on catching up with the Bolivian feminist activist group ‘Mujeres Creandos’ and possibly even hearing Audre Lorde speak.

I want to travel light, just head out the door and go and enjoy myself, be in a new city, and enjoy the intellectual stimulation and the freedom. Except I’m having a bit of trouble fitting enough pairs of shoes into my light version of packing!! So far I have two pairs of sneakers, one battered old pair of converse, plus my new ones that are covered in metal studs, one pair of glittery silver high heels, one pair of super high perspex soled stripper heels, a pair of platform leopard print wedges, some sandals, a pair of boots (just in case) and three pairs of mid height mary jane/strict and proper shoes.

At this point in time I’m wondering exactly where to fit my clothes in….a familiar problem I have encountered so many times before!! Ah well let’s hope it really is lovely and warm and i will see you all here on My return!!

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