Back from holiday!!! Strange scenes in Vienna, it’s good to be home.

I confess, I was away longer than I had originally planned, such things happen especially when having fun. What I had thought was going to be a few days away from the dungeon has stretched into a couple of weeks.

Most of all I just wanted to start out My blog with the words ‘I confess’ ….I LOVE to hear confessions. Just typing the words instantly brought forth a flood of images,a  penitent slave on their knees, tears in their eyes, a blush on their cheeks and the delicious terrible secrets that would then spill forth. There is no better way to please Mistress than by revealing your embarrassing confessions and secrets.

Anyway, time in Vienna was rather interesting. One strange incident featured the compere for one of My stage shows waxing lyrical about their sexual desires, less of a confession more of a loud broadcast. Before we were introduced she was instantly visible as the person holding forth on her views on sex. All fine and good I suppose, but I do like an introduction first before hearing all the intimate details.

What struck Me as very odd about this party political broadcast on the joys of sex is that it WAS a very particular line, because as she regailed us with the wonderful ‘natural animal pleasures of sex’ (I imagined a voice over by David Attenbourough) she also made sure to say how this was ‘unless one is a pervert’. (try to imagine this is said with a look of absolute disgust and horror).

My dear travelling companion Miss Butterfly, was quick to inquire exactly what it was that our sexpert meant by the term ‘pervert’. The reply came that it was perhaps alright at home behind closed doors but she had ‘a friend’ (said in ominous tones) who was A DOMINATRIX (more outrage and scandal) this persons clients had no limits! They asked for awful disgusting things, for example: being locked inside a box for three days!!

Miss Butterfly and I looked at each other, one of those silent exchanges in which MUCH is said, and a silent decision was made to leave our dear ignorant compere very much alone, some arguments are really not worth engaging with. We did giggle a little tho and Miss Butterfly told me of a sexual exploration class she had taught recently where she had the participants list all the various ‘phillia’ they enjoyed (those things listed as perversions in the medical journals) and to discuss what fun they were.

In My books as long as we do no harm to others I can’t see the point in moralism and outrage, tho it makes a darn good role playing game in the dungeon. If by any chance there is someone who wants to be kept in strict confinement for three days as part of a professional session PLEASE DO CONTACT ME!! 😀

Dear Vienna, it was enlightening, very enlightening indeed!! It’s good to be back!!

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