SexWorkers protest outside the Swedish Embassy, No to the Swedish model!! YES to sexworkers rights and decriminalisation!!!.


Yesterday it was My pleasure to go and exercise My democratic right to protest, better get in quick before the Tories privatise that too!!

The demonstration I attended was one of around 25 happening worldwide, mourning the murders of sexworkers Dora Özer (in Turkey) and Petite Jasmine (in Sweden). The murders signal the grimmest end of government indifference towards sexworkers rights and the danger that stigmatisation brings to working in the industry. Who would have thought that the idea of empowering people through decriminalising their work and increasing their ability to self organise would begin to sound far fetched?!!

The plight in particular of transexual sexworkers in Turkey has long been a matter for concern, these women are often the targets of violence and are not given any additional protection by state or police as a result. To the contrary, they are often harassed and ostracised.

The case of Petite Jasmine is particularly sad, not just because a woman lost her life, but due to the awful irony and injustice surrounding her death. Jasmine was an articulate proponent for sexworkers rights in Sweden, standing up against a system that claims to ‘protect’ sexworkers by criminalising their clients. Jasmin had lost custody of her children to a violent ex-partner, ….because she was a sex worker. She was later murdered by that same ex-partner who the Swedish state had chosen to select as the more ‘moral and upstanding’ member of society. A shakesperian level of tradgedy.

Ah Sweden, the country that brought us eugenics, weighing in with another win for wrong headed thinking…next they will be opening interment camps for our ‘protection’. Although One must be careful when making such jokes as exactly that situation is occuring in Greece with Transexual sexworkers being forcibly detained.

Glad to report that the demo was very well attended, the voices of the protesters were audible from at least three blocks away and the ears of those working in the Swedish embassy will be ringing for a long time. Shame on you Sweden….so often presenting yourself as the face of ‘liberal society’ yet with so many dirty little secrets in your closet!!

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