The much neglected art of spanking

When I say neglected I am not implying that spanking is without enthusiasts, of course there are whole websites and video channels dedicated to producing interesting material to tickle you spanking fancy. Personally I never tire of watching Betty Page getting spanked.

No, what I am talking about is the way that spanking has in the past few decades been relegated to the ‘less adventurous corner’ by some within the BDSM world, robbed of it’s rightful place as a core practice and the acknowledgement of spanking as a delightfully sensuous art.

As a case in point I offer the example of some friends booked to do a kink show for some well known Sydney promoters a while back, the promoters advised my friends that they could do ‘anything they liked’ the sky was the limit, they were welcome to make the show as outrageous as they dared….’but no spanking please, it’s so passé!’.

How sad!! What a shame to see decisions of ‘taste’ being made by people who are really only knowledgable about what they think will pull in the prurient interest crowd and turn a buck. No thought paid for the serious fetishist, or those who may enjoy an erotic introduction to BDSM via an activity which so manages to combine impact play, Dominance and submission, sensual exploration and a sprinkling of humiliation.

I adore spanking, from the short sharp lesson of a trousers down startling stinging slap, to the slow and naughty OTK, bending a submissive over My knee, admiring the curve of their naked behind, testing those cheeks for such enticing characteristics as softness, pliability, wobble and of course examining the opening between those cheeks. It gives Me great pleasure to run My hands over a naked exposed pair of buttocks, to explore sensually perhaps with My hand clad in a soft kid leather glove, or satin, awakening the senses of My victim to delight before venturing further on into the game.

To begin slowly with a light cupping of the buttocks in my bare hand, a rounded palm administering barely a slap at all more of a slight cuffing, enough to set the skin aquiver and then slowly to sharpen those slaps to bring a slight redness to the smooth bare arse cheeks before me. Then to slowly examine that flesh again, to admire what I find within My possession at my leisure, to toy with, prod and tweak as I see fit. And finally to take a much firmer grasp on My charge and to raise my hand higher to deal out some much more lasting whacks, those which will leave a clearly visible print in the shape of My hand on the arse in question which should remain for at least a few minutes.

Of course it is extremely rare for spanking to leave any sort of lasting mark, even the palest and most delicate skin is unlikely to be marked by such an activity. But what fun it is to engage in the process itself, and to be sure the muffled gasps, the possibility of sobs, embarrassed cries or squeals for mercy create another kind of mark – that which can last in the memory for a very long time to come.

Spanking, it really is the most dizzying of pleasures, now who is going to offer Me their bottom for practice?

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