Happy happy humiliation

Humiliation sessions have to be one of My favourite things EVER, but the question remains: What IS Humiliation? What makes one person blush and shudder may just leave another staring at you in disbelief, or even worse completely and utterly turned OFF.

In My time as a professional Mistress I have come across a wide range of humiliation fetishes each one as individual as the person who presented it. I mean that is the essence of fetishes after all, they are our quirks, not anyone else’s.

Whether it is being forced to dress up in silky pink panties, having to submit to an intimate examination, being teased about the size of your penis, being told what a hopeless waste of space loser you are, having to lick up your cum off the floor, or being forced to jack off in front of a group of taunting laughing Mistresses, humiliation fantasies do all have one thing in common: the results they produce.

As surely as I know the stammering, uncertain, panicked and very horny expression of a slave who is being forced to undergo the humiliating exercise I have designed, what excites Me is being the one to dish it out! Nothing quite lights up My eyes and brings an evil delighted smile to My face as the knowledge that My slave wants to do what I say, has often in fact fantasised about doing exactly that….but is absolutely MORTIFIED that their hopes and dreams are coming true.

Perhaps it’s not so difficult for you to imagine My laughter as with a smirk I force My slave to confess their embarrassing fantasies to me. Or My superior strut as I lead the way, you following Me on your hands and knees, your mind in turmoil as you wonder what is going to happen next? Especially as you are certain that Mistress would never ever forget information gained in confession sessions.

All of those secrets that have slipped from your lips, all of those things you finally felt safe to tell Mistress CAN and WILL be used against you, and rest assured there are always many more ways than you are able to imagine in which to be reduced to a grovelling, snivelling WRECK at My feet.

The thing that makes Me laugh hardest and loudest is the priceless moments after having forced a trembling slave to degrade themselves due to the force of My will and their own sluttish desires.
The words I love to hear? ‘Oh Dear Mistress, that was terrible, I can hardly believe I did those things and I feel so ashamed..…. but please, please Mistress…when can we do it again?’


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