Your future enslavement to the Lesbian Sisterhood (Oh and BTW Mistress is on holiday 9th-13th of September)


It was with great amusement that I read a piece by Eleanor Margolis in the New statesman recently. The line that really rang out for me was ‘doomed to enslavement by Machiavellian lesbian sex-maniacs’ what a happy notion that is!!

You may care to read her article here:

Of course in MY world the Lesbians tend to be a little less fond of tofu weaving and yoghurt welding and a LOT more likely to parade around wearing large strap-ons, to carouse in queer sex clubs and to keep trembling male slaves as mascots. It is My firm opinion that the great majority of men could do with some re-education as to their place in the world and what they could do in order to make themselves truly useful.

In fact all of this brings to mind a recent session in which Myself and another Mistress strapped-on our dicks, shouted ‘Fuck the patriachy’ and proceeded to spit-roast our gasping victim.

Speaking of fun times, as mentioned in the subtitle of this post I am going on HOLIDAY and will be away from September 9th- 16th. Time to catch the last of the summer sun while it lasts.

On My return I am planning on starting a small dick tumblr, somewhere to openly humiliate those who are members of Mz Janes cheer leading squad for the UNDERENDOWED’. I would like to thank a certain DINKY slave for their inspiration on this matter.

I’m also happy to announce that I have been invited to give a workshop at an international BDSM weekend (DYKE and trans audience ONLY) the subject matter will be PISSplay 🙂

I look forward to seeing you all when I return from My holiday!

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