Back from holiday and dispelling some illusions about SADISM


Back from holiday!!

I’ve had a wonderful time over the past week spending time with dear friends, swimming in crystal clear seas with schools of little fish swimming around me, resting on the beach, enjoying crisp fresh pine scented air and beautiful views. It was so quiet! I didn’t have to DO anything at all, but I have to admit that after a few days I began to look forward to returning home to London.

Rest is a fine thing, but I am a person who thrives on excitement and activity.
My mind began to turn to plans for the future, the good times I might have in the dungeon and how much energy and enjoyment My interactions with favourite slaves bring Me.

One of the things I love about being a professional Mistress is how My meetings fuel My creativity, and what incredibly sadistic FUN that is.

I feel that Sadism is often misunderstood as a purely physical activity: ‘person ‘A’ hits person ‘B’ and laughs maniacally’. While I am no stranger to the pleasure of causing pain (and laughing), My sadism knows a deeper level of subtlety. It brings a smile to My face as I write, imagining the joy of constructing artful sessions that will stretch a slaves will and abilities. Sessions that  twist a slaves mind and set up hitherto unimagined cravings, dislodging any desire what so ever to maintain control.

To tweak nipples is one thing (surely pleasurable), to tweak minds is another. It is far more gratifying to cause psychological disorientation, to elicit the sensation of being under My power,  than it is to merely strike bare buttocks.

Rest assured I will never cease to enjoy laying bare a slaves buttocks and dishing out deliciously startling slaps or stripes, but without the power of My own WILL and AURA driving that, I do feel the activity would lose meaning.

It is My belief that no matter what we enjoy at a physical level it is the engagement of the intellect and emotions that brings true resonance to our play.

You can probably see from this post why I couldn’t lay on a beach for too long! Look forward to seeing you in the dungeon soon.

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