Letter to a Sissy/crossdresser


(as some of you may know I enter into correspondence with those who interest Me and pay tribute)

I offer an excerpt of a recent letter to a submissive exploring their sissy/crossdressing desires….a peek into this private world… as I know there are so many of you out there who seek to enjoy your fuller selves.

‘Hello xxxx,
your last mail pleased Me, finally began to have some real notion of you and of a conversation developing between us. Many points were raised, but in this email I will confine Myself to talking about My own responses to you.

First of all there is something in the nature of the longing you present that is attractive to Me. This space of openness, malleability, of seeking guidance, these are qualities that in and of themselves present a draw to Me. As does the simple fact of your gender curiosity. When a person is willing, in your case deeply fascinated and pulled towards this sort of exploration, then there is within Myself a corresponding interest. I have a fondness for those who go close to the edge, blur lines, live other than in strict adherance to what we are told. Simple attractive qualities.

All of this presents to Me a picture in which My next instinct is to go deeper, and this is with a not unkind, but I would say slightly predatory sense. Think of it like a wolf or some animal of that type which catches the scent of prey and proceeds, ears pricked, blood quickening for the hunt.

Alongside this there is a matched enjoyment of that which is sensual, an anticipation of a sort of languid revel in the shared interest of clothing, dressing, particular objects. The erotic fascination that can be found in the act of preparation itself, of seeing ones mundane everyday aspect slip away and entering into a space of soft fabrics, silky lingerre, scents which tease the senses and powders and make-ups which accentuate and bring forth the other you. ‘The green room’ in the theatre is one of My favourite places, full of anticipation.

Your sluttishness, the ability to be turned on by the harsh gaze of another, these expressions you have made which speak of a sexual thrill at being exposed, being controlled, letting go of your own knowing of what may happen, the longing for some process of SURRENDER. All of these give rise to My own love of the opposite: to direct, to toy with, to enjoy a plaything….and I think very importantly to be seen as I am…Dominant at a deep level. This is My inner nature and sexual being, without the expression of which I would feel quite incomplete.

Perhaps a picture of a sadist emerges, in part that is true, although so much more on the psychological and subtle level than most are able to grasp. But also very importantly another aspect that your writing and depictions of yourself bring forth for Me is the pleasure of the Mentor. There is a very satisfying level of control that can be expressed as nurturer, guide and protector.’

Mz Jane Wild

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