The humiliating poetry competition!

As many of you know a sure fire way to please Me is a combination of creativity and the seriously fucked up. I recently received this missive from slave dinky, who is a serious contender for the ‘Pam Ayers’ of pathetic pervert poetry prize. Not only did his poem make Me laugh but it gave Me a few ideas. If there WAS a prize for the best humiliation themed poem from a slave what do you think it would be? May pondering that question amuse you as much as it does Me.


‘An Ode to Mz Jane’


To the wonderfully sexy and charming Mz Jane
who excites me so much and then makes me feel shame
From the moment we met and You spat in my face
to now, when i see You, my heart starts to race
i adore how easily You can insult and mock
about how pathetic i am, and my small little cock
with Your cruel sense of humour You are second to none
and leave me with all of my dignity gone
When You made me stay and lick my cum off the floor
awashed with embarrasment, i still came back for more
You watched as i wanked while you heard me confess
then grinned as You saw me slurp up my mess
my fantasies and perversions are secret no more,
exposed to You as i knelt on the floor
i still want to kiss each one of Your tattoos
but i know that my body is just Yours to abuse
deceptively innocent, You smile so sweetly
but i am not fooled, You will rule me completely
You’ll laugh as Your slave pleads and he begs
then watch as i leave with my tail between my legs
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