Travels and watersports, fun with taboo.

I’ve been back in London for a week now but have only just found the time to blog. Wow, Copenhagen was FUN! I was invited to Copenhagen to teach a watersports workshop as part of a mini-conference weekend organised by ‘Copenhagen Power-Exchange’ a group that organises parties, education and regular munches for the Women and trans community.

Arriving in Copenhagen reminded Me how grim London can be at times (London is certainly a city that throws it all out there to be seen) whereas Copenhagen is all clean lines, sharp clean air, clean blonde scrubbed looking people and more clean everywhere…. it’s the sort of thing that is nice for a change but could get creepy over a longer period of time.

The space where the event is to be held is a hidden gem “Smil’ tucked down a side street this is an extensive Dungeon space, bar and playrooms which functions as a not for profit  venture, supporting the interests of a broad BDSM community. The space is BIG, featuring a central dungeon area, an interrogation room, school room, smaller more intimate dungeon, plus several more enclosed spaces such as the mirrored bedroom. Their website also features a dictionary of BDSM terms, in case you want to read about your favourite kink in Danish .

The other conference attendees are remarkably young, the average age seems to be early 20’s and it’s great to see a community so committed to mentoring and educating those just entering the life style. The days workshops begin with an introduction to negotiation, then theres a very frisky demonstration of impact play (that’s punching and kicking to you) and a slightly lacklustre ‘whipping’ demonstration. The model for the demonstration is gorgeous, but the Mistress demonstrating says things like ‘When I make a mistake I never apologise because that’s just stupid’ …..ummm?

We break for dinner and then enjoy ourselves a great deal exploring the dungeon, dishing out a few kicks, punches and whacks in a demonstration of tender violence, then journeying home to our quiet city apartment for some rest.


The next morning bright and early it’s time for My workshop on Piss Play, My poor submissive is nervous, they are VERY pee shy and not at all keen on being forced to drink My piss. I’m having fun right from the beginning of the workshop toying with their sense of embarrassment and fear. As I say to My audience this is a style of play suited to psychological play and humiliation. There are already a few blushing cheeks in the audience, who would have known that Water sports would attract so much emotional response!

I run through some safer sex information, a sort of ‘Think about it’ checklist: Is there a chance of any prior STI being present? Is piss going into/onto mucus membranes? Is there any broken skin present? Have recreational drugs/alcohol or other medications been consumed which could in turn enter a recipients system? Safer play is ALWAYS a good practice, it’s not difficult if you use your brains to assess what brings a greater or lesser risk.

The number one thing I want to communicate to those present is that it can be FUN to play with taboo, that once the aspect of safety is covered all of the other inhibitions we deal with are social conditioning which means there is a great scope to build tension, mess with our play partners minds and generally be an evil fucker.

I tease My submissive, make them drink so much water they look like they will burst with needing a wee…. and then take of My own underwear, stuff the lacy handful into their mouth and let go of a perfect fountain of piss across the preprepared plastic sheeting. I’m concentrating on the delightful sensation of releasing a litre or so of water, that and directing the arc of piss out across the space.
Later My submissive tells Me the look on the audiences face is PRICELESS.

It’s a good day, lots of people come and thank Me for making them feel more able to PLAY and to enjoy themselves by doing things that are often labelled as ‘filthy’, more perverts educated and empowered to happily run amok ! ….what more could you ask for? I finally release My sub to go take a pee and then drag them off to the mirrored room to give them a damn good stupping with My strap-on. Ah Copenhagen, thank you for a wonderful time!

(oh I forgot to mention having LOTS of fun in a photo session during the weekend, more new pics coming soon!)

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