More on the terribly humiliating poetry competition

A while back I posted a poem by a certain very preoccupied slave, you can read it here if you like.

It wasn’t long until I recieved other examples which vied for the title of ‘the Pam Ayers of perverted poetry’, or perhaps ‘McGonagall, sadist to innocent rhymes’. I tossed these attempts back as it is My opinion that dashing of line after line describing the inner musings (wank fodder) of a slaves mind is NOT ENOUGH OF A CHALLENGE. I decided to up the anti and demanded that slave educate themself in the requirements of HAIKU.

Below are a couple of My favourite examples, which I have to say did make Me laugh rather loudy. No extra points given for guessing the poems theme.  Enjoy.

She stands above me
drip drip spray torrents rain down
warming like the sun

Drip drip tinkle splash
Her feet either side of me
my face wet and warm

Live recitations will of course feature in My next session with this slave as I am absolutely SURE that they will be a dab hand at accompanying their live performance of these pieces with arty noises, (made verbally) such as the sound of windchimes or a gently babbling brook. Nothing quite like laughing at another persons embarrassment before bending them over to dish out a few good slaps to their arse.


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