Can’t get enough of spanking – tender anticipation.

I know I’ve written about spanking before, but hell if it’s something you like there is always more to say on it – right? My mind keeps returning to the anticipation I feel when I know I’m about to enjoy giving a good spanking. Those semi-awkward moments beforehand, when the person about to be spanked wants to give in, is in fact dying to bend over and be whupped, but is hanging back shyly.

At this point slight hesitation and blushing is highly arousing, nothing like a show of vulnerability in ones intended victim to get the juices flowing. Of course no matter how much anticipation and build up there is, believe Me build up is always worth it, the moment will come when I firmly assert My authority and say: ‘Come here and bend over.’

Positions in which to spank, ah now there is a delicious matter to ponder. I think having the subject bent over is rather essential, but there are merits to a number of ways in which to do this. A traditional OTK (over the knee) spanking has many sensual points to recommend it, not least the physical and emotional intimacy of being flesh to flesh with ones Dominant. Held firmly in Her grasp, pinned with a firm grip about your waist as Her other hand explores the tenderness of your about to be tingling buttocks.

Still I cannot resist other positions for spanking especially those which involve a level of disciplinary role play. School, office or an error made in a domestic setting, which requires a stern reprimand that both of us fully understand the need for. In those cases the words ‘Bend over and drop your pants’ can drive a terrifying thrill through the body of the spankee. Delightful.

Heh!! We haven’t even got to the point of actually laying palm to flesh yet! But I said anticipation is well worth the wait. I will write some more on the pleasures of spanking soon.


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