Deck your balls with boughs of holly – Christmas holiday greetings

Christmas is not My favourite time of year, I love holidays but there’s something a bit sickening about the current ramping up of consumerism in the midst of a recession. If there is one thing I would love to give our Tory government – as they snigger about poor peoples need to use food banks – its a good hard kick in their Christmas nuts.

Seasonal ranting aside.

I will be online and available to chat this Christmas period!! I plan to work much of the Christmas break and then take a holiday over New Years. If you wish to catch up with Me and chat about all things naughty, disciplinary or fetish related then do check to see when I am online to webcam or take phone chat calls here:

When I return in the New Year I will be launching a new option of HALF HOUR APPOINTMENTS. For those who are shy, curious or short of time, I will be offering short and sweet or sharp and to the point half hour sessions: Nervous newbies may come and visit Me for a BDSM ‘taster session’, we can take a tour around My incredibly well equipped dungeon and I try out a few things, so you can feel first hand what you might like to try more of. I can also explain and demonstrate various pieces of equipment that catch your eye.

For those who are more experienced I will be offering short, sharp disciplinary sessions, half an hour of OKT spanking or more strenuous exercises for those who are equal to the punishment.

Oh the FUN will will have!!

Usual session booking rules will apply.

For those who I won’t see until new year My good wishes to all of you who have visited Me in session, been My slaves via webcam or given Me hours of interesting and happy correspondence via tribute emails. I look forward to continuing our games in the New Year. Wishing you all a happy and safe Xmas and New year  – Mz Jane.


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