Face-sitting for the win! The heaven and hell of sensual smothering.

What a delight it was to discover face sitting. I can’t say that this exists in the lesbian world (well not the same way) ! Instead I have My submissives in the world of professional Mistressing to thank for introducing Me to this fun activity.

My first experience of this was meeting a long term webcam client for the first time in the flesh. After many hours of worshipping my voluptuous panty clad behind on camera and being very vocal about his appreciation of My assets *boom tish* he very respectfully asked if he would be permitted to meet me in person for a session of face sitting. He is a lovely guy and so I was happy to explore an extended face sitting session with him. He hadn’t seen a Mistress before so I wanted to be sure he understood what exactly I do! So first of all I re-emphasised what facesitting session would involve:

To be totally clear I only do clothed face sitting, this is a form of domination and (mild) breath control. I DO NOT offer any form of intimate sexual contact as a part of this activity. In My world temptation, ultimate unavailability, control, and the entertainment provided for Mistress are quite enough to form a powerful erotic exprience.

Now back to the fun stuff.

As with all activities there is a lot to be said for build up – securing your victim so they can’t move, or just telling them to STAY PUT and then standing looking down at them as they look UP in anticipation and enjoy the view.

Face sitting requires strong thighs! Working out at the gym has been very useful for building up the muscles that allow Me to gradually lower Myself closer and closer to My submissives face, not quite making contact. To halt My self  just above their lips. A very distracting experience I assure you, especially when you are confronted with My intense and piercing gaze.

You may think that all your dreams have come true at once…..but what you aren’t taking into account is how completely at My mercy you are.

When I do sit, you may think you have gone to heaven as the mix of warm erotic proximity and My scent covers your mouth, the silky softness of My thighs about your ears…. but quite soon you will realise it’s not easy to breath with a plush Mistress plonked on your face. What a quandary!!
And as you look up into My eyes this time you will see the amusement your predicament causes Me. There you are trapped between the heaven and hell of ‘What do I want more? Oxygen or this beautiful torture?

I promise to let you up for breath, when it pleases Me…. and to repeat this sweet torture until I am laughing My head off and you are gasping for mercy. Face-sitting, what a lovely combination of  tantalising desire and the sadistic reality of dreams come true.

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