the initiation – a subtle approach

I’ve just added a new tab to My ‘Sessions’ page called ‘Softly softly’. This is for those who are shy, curious but perhaps quite intimidated by the idea of entering the world of BDSM.

While it is true that Mistress enjoys all manner of rough, tough and incredibly perverted activities, there is also space in My life for more refined, subtle and intuitively based activities.

As a Mistress of some years of experience take it from Me that the magical essence of a session can often come via the weaving of tingling energy between two people. The hypnotic thrill of what might happen…. rather than the immediate rush and roar of impact on skin or barked commands.

Quiet almost meditative moments of sensuality, enjoying the build up of tension. Slow and gentle explorations that push mental limits. The merest touch of a soft flogger brushing restrained limbs, the glimpse of My smile, the spark between two human beings.

Initiating shy beginners into the world of BDSM is a special kind of pleasure, one which brings out both My protective and slightly predatory side. Training new boys and girls in the arts of serving in the dungeon is something that allows Me the simple enjoyment of showing another the sights, smells, sounds and others senses to be discovered in the dungeon.

Watching  your wide eyed anticipation, placing My hand upon a trembling shoulder to guide, manipulate and extend your eager but so far limited experience of a new world.

Whether that be the sensuality of being tied lightly and teased with various sensations against the skin, of being confined and learning to deal with the fear of surrender or of a gradual thud thud thud of a paddle of hand against a vulnerable bottom. Give in to the pull to find out exactly what your individual fetish would feel like in practice, supervised by an expert in controlling the space in a confident but approachable manner.

Step into My parlour, there is more to discover than the stereotype of ‘whips and chains’.243

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