At the seaside until March 27th

Yes!! It’s spring time and the opportunity is there for Me to nip out of London for a week to enjoy some fresh sea air, peace and quite. It’s one of the funny paradoxes of My life that I am NEVER bored, I certainly don’t lack excitement, adventures or things to do! 

But occasionally when people ask Me ‘So what’s your wildest fantasy?’, I will reply ‘A great book, a room with a view and a good breakfast!’.

Recharging the batteries is everything! The simple pleasure of doing sweet.fuck.all.

So yes I’m away from Monday the 18th of March until the following Monday the 25th, Available for bookings from the 27th onwards.

In the meantime think of Me, I will be dipping My toes in the ocean, eating ice cream and sleeping in late. I look forward to a more exhilarating forms of relaxation in the Dungeon on My return.

See you then 🙂


seriously, men…what the fuck goes on in their brains?


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