Games for more than two players! (also note that I am away 21st-26th in Vienna)

Lately My mind has been occupied with the fun that can be had in games designed for more than two players. The complex dynamics, unfair odds and thrill of sharing that comes with adding another person to a session.

The intensity of a one to one session is not to be denied but being able to share that connection with other players can increase the bond. Memory has been replaying a particular play date in the Avalon Dungeon in Berlin when I arranged a triple date with My submissive and a leather Dyke Top friend.
Sheer physical power is so much multiplied by bringing (literally) another pair of hands into play, hands that can pin, invade, stroke, muffle and prod a submissive. Hands that can be guided and instructed to do My will while I observe the results of My direction.

On another visit to Berlin I attended an excellent workshop covering the topic of ‘complex play dynamics’ in which the room was asked to split into those who identified as ‘bottoms, switches, tops’ – VERY interesting to see that at this particular gathering switches were the vast majority! In My experience many people are versatile (enjoying both top and bottom roles) but usually one of these roles feels more of a comfortable fit. All I can say is thank goodness for the bottoms and submissives of this world!! As were would I be without them!!

Loads of fun was had in this particular workshop as the exercises had us engaged in the fast paced formation of groups within which we would have to devise a scene, happily accommodating ALL of the players. The challenge was to integrate our preferred power positions and activities in collaboration with each other. The combinations and varieties in group play are endless and it is the differences alongside the similarities that can throw up surprising and intriguing ways of playing to give a new zest  to a scene.

I have recently added a section to My sessions information ‘Double Trouble’ which lists Mistresses and submissive’s who I enjoy double sessions with.

I’m looking forward to exploring these ideas with some of you.

I would also like to mention how enjoyable it is to have positive feedback from those of you engaging via email. Special mention to the person who commented ‘I’m becoming more political these days, and have a particular antipathy for George Osborne.’  🙂

Important information for those wishing to make bookings in the near future: I will be away from the 21st to the 26th of April as I am travelling to Vienna, enjoying some time organising an art project there. See you on My return!!


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