Travels in Manchester and Vienna


Very excited to be heading off to Manchester at the end of this week, to see friends old and new at the annual SM Dykes conference. Workshops, parties, pervery galore. I’m sure there will also be time for  impromptu play-dates in the hallways, hotel rooms and anywhere in between.

This is the time beforehand when I find myself scanning my wardrobe wondering which outfits to choose (and how to fit them into the available packing space) and perusing the list of workshops, attempting to plan what I will attend. It’s difficult to choose as with three workshop streams running concurrently, I am spoiled for choice and will have to miss something. Very much have my eye on the ‘School play’ workshop and the one on ‘Handballing’.

So in case this is not enough of a clue – I will be away over the coming bank holiday Weekend – May  23rd until May 27th. Don’t be too sad as Mistress will be sure to report back on Her adventures.

Speaking of adventures I will be heading off to Vienna again in June (9th-19th), I had so much fun last time that I just have to go back! Last time was such a short visit that I didn’t have time to explore thoroughly, although a friend told me there is a local SM Cafe open in Vienna, so this time around I’m determined to visit. Doing some research on the place I found this article – possibly the most awful piece of writing I’ve read in ages – but I won’t let it discourage Me. I’ve also heard there is a fully equip dungeon for hire under the cafe, sounds like a fun place to mingle with the locals, I wonder if I will bump into Conchita?

As they say: travel broadens the mind 😉 Looking forward to seeing some of you in between!

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