Fun Times in Manchester

So.Much.Fun: from satisfying My fetish for clean white sheets and plush hotel rooms, to the scream of filthy perves biffing each other over and then dishing out a damn hard fucking, oh YES Manchester hit the spot. So much so that I’ve started looking at flights and booking rooms for Folsom in Berlin: The next big date on the international kink calendar.

The opening night auction of kinky goods and services was as usual a chance to dress up and see and be seen, greeting old friends and eyeing the fresh meat đŸ˜‰ The most popular items in the bidding seemed to be a set of jewelled butt plugs, ranging in size from petite to LARGE.
After socialising, flirting and spending money I fell gratefully into My soft bed to get some rest for the full on assault of the next day. When you know it’s going to be over 24 hours of pervery ahead it pays to grab a little extra rest!

Up bright and early the next morning for a pre-workshop breakfast I have to say that the ‘Canal Street’ area of Manchester is NOT over run with great cafes. I’m sure I’m spoiled by London and other international cities array of eateries but I do love to eat out, considering a leisurely and well served meal on of life’s sensual pleasures.

The workshops: First of all possibly not very kinky sounding I attended the first aid for BDSM’ers class. Safety precautions, bandages and re-suss dummies may sound boring but they are HELL of a interesting when you need them, so it’s always best to brush up on those skills!

Next was one of My favourites of the conference: ‘Pegs and clamps’, an in depth looks at all the joyfully sadistic pain and pleasure that can be extracted using these simple tools and a nefarious mind set. There is always MUCH inspiration to be gained and in this case new ideas of predicament bondage and the removal of clamps were happily taken on board. Such a pleasure to watch a fellow sadist at work.

At this point I decided to skip the last class of the day in order to enjoy a long soak in a hot bath, ably attended to by My houseboy. Bathing is so much more fun when there is some one else there to work up a good lather, pour the water and sponge all of those hard to reach places. Of course occasionally the houseboy does come off the worse for wear after a good dunking and an invasive body search. Just because I’m naked and in the tub doesn’t mean I stop being an Evil Queen.

Were caught up with the friends driving us to the venue and set off for ‘Mars’ as I’ve described in other blog posts this is one very sweet venue. The perfect place for a party, situated some way outside of Manchester it is well worth the journey to experience to notch equipment and a very atmospheric play space.

Of course company in such places is always important and I had hit the jackpot being surrounded by 40 or so SM Dykes. I tied the houseboy to a handy Rack set into the wall and proceeded to give him a good working over with My recently rediscovered boxing gloves, I can’t believe I had set them aside for so long! Combined with a bit of impromptu (and in very high heels) kick boxing I soon had him reduced to a jellyish horny state, craving more invasive procedures. Hot and sweaty with all the exercise I shucked off the gloves and put on a tighter pair of latex ones, reaching for the lube as I watched My houseboys eyes WIDEN. That’s not all that got stretched that night! Happy Times.

Remember that I’m away on holiday the 9th-19th of June! See you after that.

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The relaxation that perversion brings!


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