On Holiday 9th Oct – 3rd Nov, may pop in to webcam :)

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Hi everyone, I’m going on yet another holiday. ‘Life of Riley!!’ I hear you shout…well something like that anyway. So I’m off exploring, eating cake and getting up to no good in Vienna and Berlin from the 9th of October and back in London around about the 3rd of November.

I WILL be popping online to check messages fairly regularly and possibly to webcam from time to time…. I have to say I miss it when I don’t see your smiling faces and other things *raises eyebrow* for a while. So stay alert and you may just get to chat with Me, play games, and discuss the quirkier side of fetishes if you are in the right place at the right time.

Wishing you fun in the meantime and if you get the opportunity do all the naughty things. Life is for living after all and at least you will have had a bloody bizarre time and laughed a lot!!

😉 Mz Jane

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