Home again perverts!!!

Wow, it’s been a wild ride the past few weeks travelling through beautiful Vienna, meeting sweet kinksters and then taking the long way home Via Berlin. Great to see old friends there, many intense conversations were had in unique little coffee houses and I ate a lot of cake.

Back home and in the mood to play I set off to London Alternative Market today, more tea and cake with friends as well as a picking up a beautifully crafted new whip. I just could not resist the smell of well cared for leather, plus you can tell when an item has been made with love and is guaranteed to bring good times.

Went to a rather ODD workshop, the topic was ‘Subspace’, not something I’ve seen offered as a workshop topic often so I decided to check it out. We heard a bit about what subspace feels like from individual perspectives and why its important, plus a brief skim over the science behind those physiological changes.

Downhill from there unfortunately. Boring but true I HAVE often gone to workshops where someone in the audience thinks THEY know all.about.the.topic.at.hand, deciding it is a great idea to interrupt the workshop presenters at every opportunity to enlighten us all. A note to all those (usually ‘king of the universe’ style male dominants) you are BORING, your rudeness makes you look like an ARSE.

An important discussion began on the need to respect and stick to pre-negotiated limits in a scene as very deep subspace could lead to impaired judgement. One of the workshop presenters gave the example ‘If for instance you’ve just given a 45 minute spanking and then decide to go in with a cane and that hasn’t been pre-negotiated, well that would be wrong.’ This time the polite interruption from the audience come from a person who actually knew what they were talking about: ‘Um, excuse me, I think it’s more accurate to say that not only is that wrong but it’s ASSAULT’. True dat!!!

Weird, weird waffling from the presenter about grey areas, the importance of the bottom having good boundaries (even apparently if they are a mile high on endorphins) and how everyone is responsible. Looks like they undermined the point of their own workshop there. I have no time for fools and decided to leave at that point. A note to all players, check out those you play with carefully, playing with the IDEA of non-consent can be fun IF that’s negotiated, but a trustworthy partner WILL respect the previously agree upon limits.

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