Home and ready to play!

Home sweet home, well mostly. The first few days of returning to London’s winter after 6 weeks of high summer, amidst the beauty of mountains, lakes and forests. Well you do the maths!
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Those first mornings arriving home, jet lagged after a long-haul flight had me feeling as if I had been hit all over with a little sticks…. and wondering if I hadn’t somehow slipped over onto the WRONG side of the equation.

Wistful memories of long scenic train journeys, swimming in sunlit lakes and the feeling of just how warm and sweet the air felt on My skin did not compare well to waking up at 6am in the wrong time zone and wondering why the hell it was still dark.

Thankfully my body clock is adjusting and I’m beginning to appreciate the pleasures of living in a big city. I booked myself a massage, had a pampering haircut, went out to breakfast at one of my favourite places and enjoyed the endless stream of weird and wonderful people that streamed by as I ate very good food and sipped a fine coffee.

Yes I adored relaxing deeply, the sound of exotic bird song, incredible vistas before my eyes where ever I looked. But London does have a certain charm and there were things I missed…. What a great city this is if one is looking to experience any of the more refined, stimulating and debauched pleasures that life has to offer, with all kinds of playmates willing to take part. Ah, YES there are definitely things I missed!! Variety IS after all the spice of life and I’m looking forward to some dark and delightful adventures with all of you soon!!

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