Fuck the patriarchy – on undermining compulsory heterosexuality.

A short piece on lesbianism, heterosexuality and gender roles. Or: Why I don’t believe in doing what I’m told and why I encourage others to do likewise. (while doing exactly what I tell you to!)

This blog entry has been prompted by some of My online conversations of late, in which I am often deeply moved, (sometimes angry, sometimes sad) and always dissatisfied with the expectations of compulsory heterosexuality.

I know I’ve written about cross dressing, homo conversion and gender exploration elsewhere, but it’s something I never tire of and will talk to just about anyone about, as long at I can pin them down with a sufficiently firm grip. It’s a passion, because it has so often proved to be a subject in which myself and those I meet find a bonding element, a place of understanding and intimacy together.

But first let’s talk about ME.

Growing up I always felt a restless frustration with the roles that seemed on offer to little girls at the time. I have no idea why people speak to children as if they are stupid because by the age of 5 I had definitely decided that traditional gender roles were a huge pile of BULLSHIT and that I wanted no part of it. I mean, what the hell were these ideas that I should be meek and compliant? The promise of growing up to be a glorified obedient domestic slave, eager to please and serve the whims of men? I DON’T THINK SO. No matter how that life was dressed up in the trappings of social acceptability and security, I still found it held no appeal to Me.

From time to time in emails (not that often) I’m asked about the whole Lesbianism thing: My sexuality and My path as a professional Mistress: How do those two things work together? It’s very simple really. I have never been interested in reconciling Myself with the so called natural order of things. A world where heterosexuality often seems to involve men and women play acting their way through the most bizarre parody of gender roles. No, I make no apologies, I can’t take part in that. HOWEVER if a humble supplicant presents them self to Me with an intention to serve, to take direction, to surrender to My Dominance. Why then we might have something to do together. Then a new, far more realistic order can be established, one in which I find Myself comfortable, at ease and relaxed.

I have so many conversations with those of you both online and in person where you also express a frustration with what is advertised as ‘normality’. Let me assure you once again, heterosexuality is a MYTH. You are not alone in your desire to have something else. Explore, there are MANY others like you!! Be brave. If you want to dress up in silky sensuous clothing, then do so! If you wish to explore your more feminine energies, then let’s go! If you see yourself being taken and controlled by a feirce strap-on wearing Mistress, all the better. If you have a curiosity about men but are afraid to try this alone, then ask yourself, can you do as you are told? I assure you I am so very happy to lead the way trampling over the hands of the patriarchy. Let’s begin to unpick and demolish the revolting structures that oppress us all, one pair of panties at a time.

Dear compulsory heterosexuality, I’m making a renewed commitment to undermining you!!!!

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p.s. I will be away in Berlin from September 9th until the 14th, for research purposes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ See you when I get back. ๐Ÿ˜€

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