Oh My, Berlin!!

Home at last and it’s taken Me AGES to land, I have to say I found it incredibly easy to adapt to the idea that My life consists only of luxury hotel apartments, dressing up, going to parties every night and fitting in daytime assignations with friends when time would allow. Those of you who think this is all My life consists of, well good for you, keep the dream alive!

My mind is full of complex images: the flash of a knife close to bare skin, an open mouth, gasps of pain, ropes drawn taught. I’ve also discovered one or two bruises on My own skin where I’ve had to pause and think ‘How the hell did I do that?’….the perils of being lost in the moment.

Speaking of full flight, on the plane on the way to Berlin I was amazed that our flight was able to take off under the weight of all the leather being worn by it’s occupants. Sandwiched between two rows of older Gay Leather Bears My companion and I exchanged comradely smiles with our fellow travellers. It was clear that we were all heading to the same event, even if belonging to different sub-tribes of the Leather community.

Arriving in Berlin we took a taxi from the airport, it’s a nice way to take in some of the sights as so often when travelling by Uban berlin can feel like a group of barely connected suburbs. The weather was beautiful, crisp sunshine, blue skies an even 20 degrees. Perfect, I could feel My mood improving. Checking into our hotel, the apartment we booked very randomly on the internet turned out to be VAST, featuring an assortment of huge ornately framed mirrors in every room: all the more incentive to walk about naked.

From that point onwards My days consisted of waking up late, seeking out breakfast in the local cafes, then pondering what to wear and exactly what time to arrive at the party. Favourite moments: having a charming person come and do service for Me during the day, easing My preparations and helping me to dress. One particular cell in the ‘Darkside’ club in Mehringdam, I’m sure that’s where I got those bruises, hurting someone very HOT. The pair of wonderful submissives who serenaded Me with Gershwin šŸ˜€ and were utterly fabulous massuers, the Femme only party in the penthouse suite of a Berlin hotel, taking a bubble bath with a friend. So.many.incredible.scenesā€¦ like walking through the best most beautiful erotic film.

It was exhausting! But I can’t wait to do it again!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 16.54.23

My next travel destination is NYC, I will be out of London for most of December. So make a noteā€¦ if you want to play in 2015, you better come and see Me before December 7th.

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