It’s been a GOOD year!

Before I head off on holiday I wanted to share a broad grin and a big thank you to everyone who has helped make this year such a fun and enjoyable riot through kinkland.

It’s been a pleasure to establish new connections and deepen existing ones. Those of you who’s loyalty, dedication and willingness to explore, has made each session a kinky meditation. Where I too am able to let the outside world slip away and relax into creatively enjoying Myself with you as My plaything.  As some of you will know I have a very visual imagination, so I have many resonant images stored from sessions over the past months. Memories that capture the intensity of those times, the sensuality and intimacy shared.

Alongside this are all of my many adventures outside of sessions, in the dungeons and luxury hotels of Berlin, in private parties held in London, or even encounters outdoors: adrenaline filled and often barely getting away with such stolen moments. 😀

For the next few weeks I will be away, recharging My batteries and discovering a new city: New York!! I’m away until early January, spending time with dear old friends seeing the sights, holidaying and relaxing.

So until next year I wish you good times and much perve happiness and adventuring in the New Year. Still so much more to explore!!

Oh and in case you haven’t already noticed I’ve just started a sub-blog ‘Burning with desire’ for in-session images.


2015-11-25 17.25.17

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