Escape from New York

Not quite in the tone of the 1981 cult classic but I AM glad to be back in London. It’s lovely and warm (comparatively), I’ve had several very decent cups of coffee since My arrival and London still has one of the best displays of street fashion in the world. I’m also rather looking forward to seeing some of you.

In the meantime a bit of an update on My travels: I’m not much of a tourist, it has to be said I’m more likely to explore off the beaten track and let a city open up to Me in ways more comparable to a ‘psycho-geographic tour‘ than a tour bus. My memories of New York are of the light on a particular day, a relative strangers good manners, and finding incredibly good food in ‘Little Russia’ after walking down to Brighton Beach from Coney Island.

The thing that I found odd about New York was, well, Americans…. there seems to be a language difference. I travel quite a bit, I’m used to spending time with people who are speaking English as a second, third, fourth or fifth language, (mostly it’s only the English who are ignorant enough to only speak one language). The American version of English tho, was something I found incredibly hard to understand: what I mean is, I clearly understood the WORDS being used, I just could not grasp what in the hell was being SAID.

Small talk is pretty much lost on Me, I love intensity, I like to talk about deep subjects, I don’t shy away from delving into personal secrets. If you want to hold a good conversation then please do tell me what you have been reading, what you think about, what your hidden desires are, what you feel passionate about. In NY I got rather tired of hearing the same 20 or so phrases and smilingly delivered pleas for approval, substituted for any kind of real connection. I found the whole charade rather passive aggressive and it gave Me the impression that people were insecure and afraid to say what they really thought. Even worse, that they may be wedged into a culture that drives to simplfy and stupefy it’s population with an overabundance of choices that don’t offer much in the way of content at all.

Having said that I met some lovely people, a Leather Daddy who is a good friend sent their NY boy to act as My guide. I appreciated having someone with impeccable training, showing Me the best way to get to places and offering to escort Me on the way, what a tribute that boy is to their Owner. So after several weeks of blue skies, visits to the ocean, warm company and doing exactly as I pleased, I’m feeling well rested. As ‘the city that never sleeps’ NYC provided a remarkably relaxed entry into 2016. Now I’m ready for adventure.

West Village


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