Mz Jane’s Correctional Facility for men.

It’s a theme I return to over and over again, each time with new insights. Could I ever really tire of the concept, or for that matter the practice? Let Me sketch out the basics for you. Due to the very unjust balance of power in the society we live in: men having FAR too much say and quite the lack, in how to wisely use that say, there is a need for readjustment. Enter: Mz Jane’s Correctional Facility for men! A harsh environment in which a process of re-education and punishment can take place for those who are most in need of correction. Be aware that arrest can come at any time, a man might ‘innocently’ be walking about his business, enjoying the far too liberal and overly subsidised freedom he takes for granted in the world, then find himself suddenly swooped off into custody for questioning. Consider your own life and conduct, might you too stand the possibility of doing serious time in Mz Jane’s Correctional Facility?

My female friends crow with delight whenever I mention the Correctional Facility, ‘Oh my god that sounds so great!’, ‘Tell us more!’, ‘When can we come and join in?’. It seems this story strikes a chord and that my rather beautiful friends, just cannot wait for an opportunity to arise where they might come along and work out some of their frustrations.

What crimes might see you incarcerated in Mz Jane’s custody? You may well ask, the list is extensive. From the obvious, but far too seldom punished crimes of wolf whistling, sexual harassment, taking up too much space on public transport, leering; to those less visible but nonetheless serious intrusions into Women’s comfort and enjoyment of the world. In short, pretty much anything to do with men’s unexamined privilege. You may not be able to see it, but Myself and My beautiful assistants will be more than happy to point it out to you and suggest ways in which you might atone.

Once you have been strip searched, your belongings catalogued and an interrogation completed to gauge your level of awareness of your guilt, then we can truly begin. (Note, that I mention your awareness, that you ARE guilty was never in question.)

There are several ways that you might gain absolution, either by a complete surrender in which you serve as a maid or through what ever cruel and unusual punishments take the prison wardens fancy. I make a FABULOUSLY stern prison warden, although it may be true that I seem to enjoy dishing out the punishments a little too much.

Confinement is a curious thing, I’m never quite sure if the cage is to keep you in, of Me out. There’s something about seeing a man behind bars that does make Me want to taunt him, to coax him to come a little closer and to subject him to My attentions quite forcefully because he has nowhere to run to. The other incredibly tempting thing is to take a prisoner out of his cell and play with him, just as a (large wild) cat might play with it’s prey. Punishment has never been so much fun – especially for Me.

Then I can return My partially corrected prisoner to his cell, so he can ponder the error of his ways and wonder what on earth might happen next….. They say it’s very easy to become institutionalised.

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