Berlin! Whoop!

Today I’ve taken My usual rather impressionistic approach to packing: Step one, go out for coffee, read a book you are just beginning to find really interesting, chat to the cafe owner about the terrible rise in property prices around where you live. Step two, get involved in a serious debate on the internet, check instagram, read a few things on twitter, answer any backlog of emails that you might have forgotten about up until now. Step three, finally open a suitcase and just throw some stuff into it. Step four, find that the suitcase is full. Step five, make a list of what essentials you MUST jam into the remaining space.

Clearly some one else should have been doing this job. The good news is that I do have several people doing service for Me while I’m in Berlin, so will be massaged, bathed, escorted to events, have lunch fetched, breakfast cafes researched, My bags carried… all those little bits and pieces which make a pervert holiday extra nice. I seem to have a very stacked schedule while there, but seeings as mostly these appointments are to brutally beat and fuck lovely friends, I shall contain My complaints.

Over the past few days there has been the buzz of people setting off to Berlin from various international locations, old friends from the states I havent seen forever, plus new people I met around this time last year, and am looking forward to getting to know just that little bit better. Having a rather voracious appetite for play, My usual challenge is not to go too far. What is too far? You may well ask. Through prior experience I’ve learned that intense periods of play can bring about a feeling that is a cross between a hangover and having been trampled by a herd of friendly but very heavy soft furry animals. It all depends on how hard you play. I play HARD. So what goes up – experiences endorphin highs, laughs a lot, slaps, kicks and punches their way across the dungeons of Berlin – must also come down. BUGGER. I’m told that if I was going to have learned moderation, it probably would have happened by now.

Anyway, I’m sure some of you will be there to catch Me on the otherside of this current adventure, to entertain Me and give Me a way to unwind sadistically when I return home. In the meantime Im OFF TO BERLIN, back sometime after the 30th. See you then!


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Oh by the way, I’ve just started reading the second volume of comedian Alexei Sayle’s biography ‘Thatcher ate my trousers’. I recommend it, and if you’re a banker I’ll even hit you with it a few times, it’s a hard cover.

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