Post Berlin, Hello London.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 19.08.44Wow, I feel like a fictional character in an American baseball movie sliding into ‘Home plate’. London seems a little more gritty than usually, this glorious April weather – sun, rain hail, sun rain, hail – doesn’t really help. Plus there is the pure physics of the equation: what goes up, must come down…. Oh but what a high it was. Stepping into the pre-conference melee I commented to a friend that if this frisson of flirting, sexual energy, nerves, excitement, social jostling, hotness and anticipation could be bottled, it would be an absolute mule kick of a drink. There is no actual drinking going on, the venue is alcohol free,  but let it be said that the buzz running through the space is quite enough: conference is about to begin.

There’s already some very heavy cruising going on, I notice people have been building a set of ‘Glory Hole’ style booths in one of the hallways, there are people making out and generally draping themselves all over each other. Nearly 300 over charged brains and bodies about to indulge in 4 days of workshops and parties. How am I going to survive this? Not exactly being prone to moderation I’ve already made a head start, arriving in Berlin a few days earlier and making a few advance dates to warm up. As usual there are far too many people to say hello to, old friends I only see in these settings once of twice a year, people I met last year or the year before, interesting new faces. What I especially love about conference is the opportunity to be in ‘Top Space’ over the course of several days.

Sure I can feel dominant at any time, but just try that on London public transport, or while enduring a classic English queue, it’s not quite the same. Here, within the bubble of conference it’s very likely that a tangible dominance will be greeted with the openness of exposed tender skin, down cast eyelids, the flutter of lashes, a sweetly proffered neck to bite or a short skirt to slip my hand underneath. The play dates I have for conference were made months in advance, this is often the case, people you meet casually 6 months before often turn out to be playmates at some point. A friend flying in from the States complained about the tendency of conference goers to book dates months in advance, but that’s just how it goes, this is a busy environment, the best things are worth waiting for. My first date is with some one who first asked me to play in July last year, the second came about during a casual face slapping incident during Folsom in September, the third is a group date with a dozen of so close friends, the fourth is where I pick up the pieces and just let myself relax into a pure sadistic blowout.

Some of you will have heard Me talk about how much I enjoy receiving service, simple well crafted personal attention that makes My life easier and builds My energy. The evening before the large group scene I’m about to play My Service submissive arrives, some one I know well and who has a proven track record of providing quietly unobtrusive service of a high standard. They arrive bringing the ingredients to cook Me a light nutritious meal, I hand them a list of household chores I would like done and then go off to take a power nap. Somehow I always sleep more soundly when I know some one is working away elsewhere in the house doing things to make life more comfortable. At a pre-arranged time they wake me with a gentle tap on My boudoir door, on hearing Me grant permission they enter and tell Me my bath awaits. They attend as I bathe, helping me to dry myself and slip into a house robe and then serve Me food. Then they serve as I get ready to go out, painting My toes and finger nails, brushing My Hair. My clothes have been neatly laid out while I was eating and they help me to dress. All of this is done with an air of quiet self containment, dignity and perfect attention to detail and My needs. This is service with done with pride. When I am ready, after they have packed My play bag for the evening and massaged My hands and feet before helping Me put on My shoes, they call Me a cab and escort Me to the venue. This capsule of time packed with the calmest and most nourishing personal care has set the groundwork in allowing Me to fly as a Dominant, never undervalue the people who care for and support you!

That night I went on the play one of the weirdest scenes of My life (and that’s saying something!) ‘The Dolls Tea Party’ has been planned over the past year and brings together a selection of human dolls and their sadistic doll owners from across Europe, resulting in surreal images that are burned into My brain forever. Ask yourself, could you maintain perfect stillness and a fixed gaze as you are transformed, dressed and made up as a perfect feminine doll? Could you withstand the tortures and games that Mistress chooses to subject you to without noise or reaction? How would you deal with being set in poses that amuse Mistress, bent or bent over to Her will? Mmmmmm, doll play, what happy times.

I’m thinking of spending some of the summer time in Berlin and nipping back and forth between London and that other quieter city, so when applying for session time, make sure to do so well in advance.

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