Killing Me Softly

Berlin is awesome. It’s only been a week but I’m feeling very rested in a ‘running through the forest’ sort of a way. I had play dates planned before I came to Berlin, but I hadn’t counted on the number of people who popped up and made invitations once I had arrived in town. Not known for My excellent sense of moderation I’m currently pondering how much of a complete pervert glutton I can make of myself without requiring a holiday to get over My holiday. The thing is I enjoy new and novel play partners a LOT – discussing this with a friend yesterday we both agreed that often we are as much motivated by curiosity and the desire to ‘solve’ the puzzle of how to successfully top in any given situation, as we are by sexual attraction.  No I don’t think that’s an odd thing to say, and I do think it’s very important how prospective play partners present themselves and communicate: would I rather play with some one who looks like a fantasy pin-up (but seems a bit stilted, unforthcoming and after their own ends) , or do I want an experience which brings me intensely into the moment and makes me feel hot, horny, tested, energised and appreciated? I really enjoy approaches from people who put some thought into how they do that, expressing themselves clearly and with good energy. I reccomend it as a strategy to improve your chances of getting to play.

I’ve done more than My fair share of ‘extreme sports’ in high heels lately, discovering new creative moments in role play, dollification, gender play, the joy of giving a damn good whacking and as always the fine order of FILTH, both verbal and physical.  I’m currently deciding  if the best way to play the Me vs two subs scenario I’ve been invited to is to add another sub, or to invite them to bring along the impact play toy that they are most scared of.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 15.31.50
no I haven’t tried swinging from this, but you get my drift.


It’s WARM here, tho there have been some spectacular thunder and lightening storms. There’s another kind of tingling excitement in the air as many friends are flying into the city  to join celebrations at a party this weekend. This evening I’m meeting up with lovely perves from New York who I haven’t seen since I was there at the beggining of the year, I feel very lucky to be part of this international community.

Tomorrow I’m doing a photoshoot, although I haven’t paid lots of attention to what I’m going to wear. I’m looking forward to the results and may spend sometime tinkering with updating this blog, My web presence and how I present things visually later in August. Until then wishing you all a very pleasant ride through this weird thing we call life.

Leaving you with the beautiful and pertinent P.J.Harvey. ‘Let England Shake’: Theresa May and Boris the Clown??? Oh God help us!!!

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