Talking dirty

I’m swearing to myself a bit as I begin the process of upgrading the look of my website and engaging with the mysteries of multi page scrolling. I suppose I could get someone else to do it, but I like keeping my brain tuned in to how technology is changing and in turn how technology is changing US. As I swear I keep in mind the look I have in mind and how cool it will be when all of that is in place. I haven’t quite got to the nerd space of discussing fonts enthusiastically, but I do like a nice clean bit of design. Patience will be rewarded.

Another task I’m currently engaged with is writing a workshop on ‘Talking Dirty’ which I will give at a kink festival early next month in Berlin. Possibly I may offer a version in London – get in touch if you are interested – as every time I mention this to people in London their ears prick up enthusiastically. I have a passion for words, I find talking HOT, I love communication, verbal or non-verbal. Plus I’ve noticed how many people, although turned on by particular verbalized thoughts or words, also feel shy about plunging into verbal sexual expression for themselves.

It’s a wolfish kind of ‘community service’ to offer a workshop that educates and encourages people to TALK MORE FILTH, as the saying goes: ‘If you want to find out who is into the same filthy stuff as you, then give a workshop on it!’. The ideas are flowing, the actual writing is going slowly. Still I find myself bringing this up in conversation: asking people if they enjoy ‘Talking Dirty’? If so, are there particular words and phrases they love to hear? Or things they love to say? Far from being complex filthy talk can be beautifully simple – a recent play session with someone I know well comes to mind: They sprawled, tied on their back, all of their body language indicating their openness to submission. As I moved above them my strap-on deep inside them, they said ‘I love it when you fuck me’. Those words were so full of happiness, connection, greediness, of course I had to smile and reach out tenderly as I said with pride and possessiveness: ‘Slut’.

Hopefully I WON’T end up writing the rest of the workshop on the plane (tho this has happened in the past). Wishing you all a warm October full of the freedom to hear the dirtiest of joyful phrases drip off the lips of those you desire.


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