Kink Festival And A Berlin Skyline

10 days in Berlin can hold a lot, like an over-stuffed piece of hand luggage, once unpacked the amount of things you managed to fit in there can be astonishing. So it was with My recent trip to Berlin.
Once upon a time I used to go to Berlin purely for time out: it’s a lovely quiet place if you don’t tell anyone you are there. Now I tend to allocate time on a ‘urgent’ and ‘favourites’ basis, I’m not brilliant at moderation, but I give it a go, so as to not arrive home in need of a holiday.

The main reason I went to Berlin, apart from catching up with playmates and friends was to attend a kinky festival where I had been invited to give a workshop. One of the things that attracted Me was that the festival was for only 50 people, an intimate group, which offers time to get to know people properly – more so than the roiling and frenetic atmosphere of bigger events.

I was happy to receive several offers of service prior to the festival: What better welcome is there than meeting new and interesting people who want to carry your bags, find comfy places for you to sit, get you drinks and offer massages? I’m grateful to those who are able to carry out service in an unobtrusive and skilled manner – it’s a basic power exchange, but by no means simple. Good service is very much one of those ‘looks easy, demands a lot of practice’ situations.

The festival was a blissful couple of days: meeting old friends, picking up on negotiations started online, new playmates, sparks of attraction, listening to others teach, enjoying My own moments centre stage, being part of this wonderful kink community.

Tuesday morning, after the American election result I sat watching the sun rise over the Templehoff skyline feeling a little bleak. Partly a come down from the excitement of conference and also measuring where humanity finds itself. I asked Myself what point there is in small community activities? What difference does spending time educating about sexuality and good communication make, in the face of such huge world events? Always I return to the certainly that now more than ever people need spaces in which they can experience community and in which there is an ethos of loving respect. Yes all of these travels can seem a flash of dazzling excitement, but they also contain seeds of meaningful relating and broadening the scope for our ways of being in the world. Philosophical I know, but there always has to be a way forward.


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