The wilds of Berlin.

I feel like I’ve been away for AGES, London started to seem like a distant place, maybe this was due to the intensity of my time in Berlin, two weeks can seem like forever:


1. Flying, cheery service, hosts who made food.

2. Slept late, made leisurely preparation, beat up a couple of friends for FUN.

3. Sun, menemen, massages.

4. Good friends, writing projects, people tying each other up.

5. Journeying into the countryside.

6. Snow, rivers, frozen wheels of ice.

7. Artists being annoying (what’s new?).

8. Discipline: not the sadistic variety, 10,000 words.

9. Cute Anarchists, the work of Joan Nestle

10. Trains, melting snow, the feeling of SPRING.

11. More friends tying each other up.

12. Fancy hotel rooms and debauchery.

13. Dinner, knife play, edges and limits.

14. Favourite people, Berlins weird politics.

15. Flying and fashion.

My perspective has shifted over the past two weeks, I’m sure I won’t realised the full impact of this until I re-adjust to being back. Living between two cities is a funny feeling, although London still has my heart.



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