Higher and Higher (maybe)

I have realised and it has been noted by some of you that I have not blogged in a LONG time!! So true. In the last blog, I wrote I had just spend some time in the snowy wilds of Brandenburg immersed in writing and being annoyed half to death by mouthy artist types who weren’t doing much ‘artisting’. Since then life has been wonderfully busy!! Busy to the point where I have been pushed to find time to blog here, so it’s helpful that those of you who follow have asked about what I’ve been up to and I will make a space from the intensity to write.

While in Berlin (again) at Folsom I had a lovely time going on playdates with people who had travelled from all over Europe – and sometimes further afeild – to be part of the event. With these large gatherings where there is an opportunity to step out of the day to day and deeply immerse onself purely in playing, pleasure and perversion. I’ve writen before about how I find kink to be an excellent source of escapism, yes I’m a great big perve every single day, as this is part of who I am. Folsom and other events like it allow for a deeper plunge, to spend ALL of one’s time dressing up, being pandered to, going to parties and playing.

I suppose there are those of you out there that imagine that I’m spending everyday lounging about being fed grapes by people wearing uncomfortably skimpy outfits: reality check! I’m a dominant person who also has to earn a living, and who no matter how much I would LIKE to spend all of my time playing I realise there are other things I want and need to do.

Play is one of my great pleasures, I adore the sensation of creating a ‘bubble’ of personal intensity with one or more people. Of stepping into what can seem to be an electrically charged silence where only our own breathing, laughter and moans can be heard. Those magical, exceptional times where the outside world disappears, even if we are being watched by a club full of people. That amazing energy of PLAYFULNESSand of being allowed full expression is what keeps me returning again and again to creating scenes with other people, wether that be role play, sadism, humiliation or any mix of those.

Except what goes up must come down and what I wanted to write about here is the conundrum of balance. I’ve heard many jokes about moderation, I’m definitely a person who enjoys intensity, yet at the final party of Folsom as I entered the dressing room, having just played two back to back scenes, I found myself saying ‘Thank God Folsom is finite!!!’ A very handsome queer in the process of dressing caught my eye and laughed knowingly.

So how do we deal with the come downs after the highs? What added extras can we discover by introducing breaks or times of less intensity in our play? How do we manage issues of chasing ever increasing highs, and the inevitable failure of that as a goal?

I plan to answer those questions and more very soon, as well as introducing some added extras in how I will be running ‘Mz Jane Wild’ in the near future. For now I have to dash off to a lovely hotel suite where I plan to spend some time torturing a dear friend and winding down.

Good times.


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