SESTA, ‘anti trafficking’ law: It’s dangerous!

Vile things afoot with the passing of SESTA. A piece of legislation touted as protection for victims of trafficking, that in reality makes life WAY harder and more dangerous for many sexworkers. #saveusfromoursaviours

What the bill means in real terms, is that many sources of safe online advertising, means of communication, and forums for vetting clients, have ceased to exist or become more restrictive towards adult material.

Thinking of using Grinder: nope! Maybe a naughty nude skype call: nope! Wait, you mean swearing and nudity are banned on many apps and online media: YES.

Simple terms: many SexWorkers may lose websites, hosting, payment processing. Exactly HOW this is horrible nightmare is supposed to make us feel SAFER, I don’t know. While the law is having an immediate impact on the livelihood of many, what remains to be seen is how this dangerous new law will play out in broader terms for use of the internet.

Vice on SESTA


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