Refocusing the way I work

Life has been super busy of late, to the extent where as a Professional Dominant I have only been able to focus on existing relationships. This is likely to be the case for some time. As I DO wish to continue to explore in this sensual, curious and bizarre realm, I am redefining and refocusing what I can currently offer:

  1. Existing relationships: Ongoing explorations will receive my full attention, as will those who I have seen before but are more occasional visitors. It is always a joy to go DEEPER or to pick up where we left off. Otherwise booking a session will take EFFORT (see point 4).
  2. Therapuetic conversations and correspondence, either online or in person. I have seen, heard and done and LOT of things in life. As a mature and accepting person I find special satisfaction in offering supportive listening, especially to those who have questions about sexuality or gender.
  3. On cam, I will be around sporadically to chat utter filth and take you on physical and imaginary journeys to the heart of your submission.
  4. IF you wish to spend time with ME in person, please make your letter of introduction interesting and well written. Follow the guidelines listed on my site! You are far more likely to win my precious attention if your comunication shows effort and individuality.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 12.32.28

                           As ever, wishing you all wonderful kinky times. Mz Jane Wild.

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