A deeper story


My work as a Mistress provides me with many opportunities, it’s fun to meet new people, especially those I might not normally mingle with.

How fitting that all those hours of play in the dungeon, getting up to no good, are also a means of support for My activities as an artist, writer and political activist.

You will find My approach to BDSM different to the mainstream, the reason being that My pervert education has come via a different culture. My world, the world of SM Dykes, Queer and trans* kink has a different set of manners, rules and society to that of the straight world.

I have taught workshops and acted as an educator at many international events:
Including: International Ms Leather, San Francisco, The San Francisco Exiles,
Stockholm Pride, SM Dykes Manchester and  Klub Fukk, London.

Within such settings old fashioned principles as honour, integrity, formality and good manners are still held as important. All of which I expect to be learned in My dungeon and to be seasoned with a deep love of filth, creative play and hard won intimacy.