FemDom group play….(tales from Berlin continued)

This was absolutely my favourite play event while I was in Berlin and so unique in it’s set up.

As many of you will know I particularly enjoy scenes with more than two players. There’s an extra thrill in the complexity of how 3 or more people interact: Playing with two subs, or another Domina, or in a hierarchy where some one subs to me but is top to another person in the play. I love how these situations push me to think more creatively and give space for unexpected twists and turns of perversion.

In the past I’ve usually done this with quite a bit of pre-arrangement, knowing everyone involved and their particular interests.

The FemDom play in Berlin was different: 20 Dominants and 25 subs!! That took things to completely another level. People applied to be part of the scene in advance, but didn’t necessarily know each other. Written suggestions and play space rules were sent out by email but there was still a hugely undefined open space of how people would relate.

This wasn’t two, three or even four different people to interact with but an entire room full!!  A large group of people, none of whom I really knew, where we all consented to basic ground rules and then left the rest to on the spot mini negotiations.

My experience was incredibly dynamic, no single focus of play, more shifting centres over the course of a few hours, and lots of fun, friendly, hot people.

To play off various subs against each other, to make them do things to each other for My amusement, to stack up an array of people and move between them, or to have all of them worship Me at once.

Catching the eye of a Dominant close by and saying ‘Would you mind moving the sub you are beating a little closer to where I am sitting so I can reach them with My whip?’. So I could receive a massage, prop My feet up on a piece of human furniture, hit the submissive infront of Me AND add to a nearby submissives pain. Bliss!!

Feeling the energy of playing with one, two or more people for as long as that seemed to be sparking, then asking for something different. Sending people off in the direction of another Domina if I was no longer amused by them, or noticing something interesting happening nearby and going to investigate.

Such a setting demands skill, creativity and excellent communication skills, to make the most of it. I think it could easily have felt overwhelming, but for Me it felt like a wonderful opportunity to really stretch My wings. So.Much.Fun!! (and I was approached by quite a few people afterwards for future play dates 🙂 ). I’m definitely going to make sure to do this again and I absolutely recommend it as a form of organising play. Kudos to the people who hosted this particular event.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 22.21.29


In the wilds of Berlin.

First of all I recommend that if you ever find the English winter is getting you down go to Berlin. The company of 250 Leather Dykes over the Easter weekend has done wonders for My mood!

The weather was still rubbish: got snowed on very lightly for 30 seconds while arriving, then there was a burst of sunshine, then horizontal sleet, then a hail storm, then a burst of sunshine. *repeat on high rotate*

To hell with the weather, it’s Berlin! So enjoyed the sights of the familiar neighbourhood of Kruezberg and settling into My apartment, before heading off to the opening night of the 17th annual SM Dykes Berlin Easter Conference.

Finding the venue was a little tricky, making my way down narrow winding streets and doing combat with an eccentric numbering system. As I entered a courtyard, someone opened a door just ahead of Me and beckoned ‘Wilkommen!’. This must be it! I made My way through the door, ushered in by a very friendly man who I assumed must be trans. (As all events are women and trans inclusive only).

Inside the hall, the event in progress paused for My entrance, people were seated in rows, a buffet was laid out, but there was something unfamiliar about the guests. I couldn’t see any faces I recognised, there was an unusual lack of leather in the other guests outfits and there seemed to be a recital of some sort going on. Oops!! Wrong event. I thanked them for their warm welcome and left to make attempt number two.

In the street I came across a fellow traveller, clad in leather, carrying a tell tale equipment bag, we greeted each other and walked a few steps to the correct venue. Inside was a feast of eye candy, friends old and new dressed in a variety of wonderful out fits as the first party of the weekend go into full swing.

Cruising is a culturally specific phenomena, most well developed heights in the gay men’s scene with all of the complexities of hanky flagging codes and non verbal signals. I have to say it’s one of the things I enjoy in wandering about a new venue: checking out the equipment and checking out who else is there. As I looked around the vast warren of rooms full of everything from medical equipment, bondage suspension frames, every kind of cross, cage, wrestling mat and bench you can think of. I was very much aware of who’s eyes met mine, smiles exchanged, and routes slightly redirected so we would keep on running into each other.

The thrill of the chase, the taste of the hunt. There was certainly plenty to appreciate and I felt no hurry to rush in as there would be at least six parties and several days of workshops to attend in the week ahead. I made a few mental notes about some of the more fascinating creatures present, decided to let them come to me and spent much of the evening chatting with old friends, in between watching some gratuitous and consensual violence.

Biding your time is another form of cruising because at these events the frisson of sexual energy in the room is so intense, with everyone preparing for the very pleasant onslaught ahead, it’s good to take time to relax into the atmosphere. Tomorrow I would play.

…….to be continued

BDSM/FETISH films, ‘The Duke of Burgundy’

There seems to be a rush of films currently screening which make some approach to the subject matter of BDSM.
I’m NOT going to write something about ’50 shades of Grey’, there are plenty of others who have, here’s a good example written by the wonderful Ms Slide if you are interested. I haven’t read the book or seen the film. I just can’t be bothered.

However I did go to see ‘The Duke of Burgundy’, quite a few of my friends were raving about it, one of them went to see it 3 times in quick succession as they so loved the combination of the films aesthetic and the theme. So it was a grey rainy Thursday when I could have been paying attention to admin, but decided instead to go and see a film which promised subject matter both sensually erotic and exploring Dominance and submission.

Watching the opening credits, R18 ‘fetish themed film’ and eating chocolate,  I wondered how many films begin with crediting the clothing and lingerie design, the make up and hair stylist, and the film’s perfume ahead of the cinematographer. Is this usual?

All of ‘The Duke of Burgundy’ in it’s completeness follows the aesthetic of being filmed to look like a mid-European porn film from the 1970’s. Unfortunately for Me it’s not a look I relish. I kept thinking how awful the character Evelyn’s hair looked, plus as a ‘submissive’ character there was something I found immediately irritating about her, that feeling made much more sense as the film played out.

Of course if you love the look – I admit some of the lingerie was gorgeous – the film will be a feast for you. Far more interesting was the subject matter it explored: power dynamics, ego… how often and easily Dominance and submission can become skewed. The struggle between strength of desire and who is calling the shots, the curious paradox of what submission or Dominance might actually entail. Or indeed the story of a co-dependent relationship played out in tight knee high leather boots, stern starched high necked blouses, tight pencil skirts and lush boudoir interiors. Fascinating in many ways and achingly accurate in it’s depiction of such.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 15.17.12
Click image for a link to the trailer
Prior to going to see the film I sent one of My slaves along to write a review, below is slave x’s contribution. Please be aware IT CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS!!
‘The title is the name of a butterfly and this is the story of two entomologists. It’s lovely to look at in a softly lit, bucolic way It has only two real parts and the two actresses who play them (Chiara D’Anna and Sidse Babette Knudsen, she of ‘Borgen’) are sensational. Evelyn and Cynthia are together in a large old house set in woodland. It’s all very low key, little bare flesh, hardly a moan. Sorry, pain sluts, this film is about real BD, not SM, about dominant submissive role play and about how unsatisfactory topping from the bottom can be. In the opening scene Evelyn cycles up to the house, pulls the bell and waits. After a long pause a stern-faced C opens it and says “You’re late”. She leads E into the first room, sits down and picks up her book. E lowers herself onto a small sofa. “I didn’t say you could sit.” You’ve been there, haven’t you ? Mistress is in a bad mood. You’ve done something wrong. But why does this mistress suggest, just hint at, an uncertainty ? Something about them both does not convince. It’s soon clear that the scenes, this one and the next and the next, are exactly scripted and choreographed down to the last step of the high heel, plus the ‘sub’ has written the script, literally written them on large filing cards, and the ‘domme’ must follow them exactly. You’ll enjoy the all details. The lingerie gets equal billing with the costumes. C has to drink glass after glass of water so that she’s always ready to give E a proper ‘punishment’ for not washing C’s knickers properly. From behind frosted glass you hear, “Lie down. Open your mouth”, then that wonderful sound. Not for everyone of course, but I loved it.

Some nights C puts E into a black wooden chest, binds her with ropes, shuts the lid and locks it. Part of a moth’s Latin name, ‘Pinastri’, is the safe word that will release E. It also sounds close to ‘Be nasty!’, the command that E gives C when they are lie in bed and she wants to be aroused by C’s talk and pleasured with her hand. E may be the one who gets bound and locked in, but it’s C who’s painfully and exactly pinned down like one of their beautiful specimen moths or butterflies, helpless in her need to please. You watch as she becomes ever more dissatisfied, unnoticed by E. When C hurts her back and gets no care, she suddenly flips. She switches into a true domme mode, roles reverse and things start coming apart.

However this is Hollywood, and true love will triumph ! Well, actually it was shot in Hungary with BFI and Film 4 money and written and directed by a British man, Peter Strickland, but the same rule applies. Showing how superb they are, the two actresses repeat the first role playing scene, now as people whose emotions no longer enable them to maintain any pretence, unable to hold to their scripts. The ‘domme’ breaks down in tears followed by her ‘sub’ and they collapse into each other’s arms. Your reviewer gets that choking feeling. Oh, to be a cherished, tortured plaything ! It’s still on at Curzon cinemas, then at the LGBT Film Festival and the NFT. Enjoy !’

Home and ready to play!

Home sweet home, well mostly. The first few days of returning to London’s winter after 6 weeks of high summer, amidst the beauty of mountains, lakes and forests. Well you do the maths!
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 14.54.21
Those first mornings arriving home, jet lagged after a long-haul flight had me feeling as if I had been hit all over with a little sticks…. and wondering if I hadn’t somehow slipped over onto the WRONG side of the equation.

Wistful memories of long scenic train journeys, swimming in sunlit lakes and the feeling of just how warm and sweet the air felt on My skin did not compare well to waking up at 6am in the wrong time zone and wondering why the hell it was still dark.

Thankfully my body clock is adjusting and I’m beginning to appreciate the pleasures of living in a big city. I booked myself a massage, had a pampering haircut, went out to breakfast at one of my favourite places and enjoyed the endless stream of weird and wonderful people that streamed by as I ate very good food and sipped a fine coffee.

Yes I adored relaxing deeply, the sound of exotic bird song, incredible vistas before my eyes where ever I looked. But London does have a certain charm and there were things I missed…. What a great city this is if one is looking to experience any of the more refined, stimulating and debauched pleasures that life has to offer, with all kinds of playmates willing to take part. Ah, YES there are definitely things I missed!! Variety IS after all the spice of life and I’m looking forward to some dark and delightful adventures with all of you soon!!

On Holiday

A little note to let you all know I’m on holiday for ALL of January and a bit of Feb. Doing my best not to get sunburnt. Enjoying breathing in the sweetest air. Relaxing, kicking back big time and SO enjoying the warmth.

Winter is totally overrated. I do love London and I don’t think I could cope long term outside of a big city but for now I’m enjoying being in nature, wonderful veiws and the soundest of long slumbers in peace and quiet.

I MIGHT drop by webcam very occasionally, that’s a complete MAYBE. Sometimes I find myself in a spot with amazing internet speed and the urge to log on grabs me.

Anyhow, now you know where I am…..

Happy New Year to you all and look forward to seeing you when I get back to London.

Mz Jane

Visiting the Wellcome Collection – Sexology and all that jazz

It’s good to be back in London! I love to travel but Vienna is a rather conservative place, after a while it begins to feel oppressive. The ‘tuts’ of Austrian matrons are not difficult to provoke, it’s as easy as applying lipstick in the morning or wearing something more daring than a beige twinset.

Arriving home to London’s gritty chaos I’ve been catching up with friends and indulging in the simple day to day pleasures this city has to offer. Last week I headed off to the Wellcome Collection to check out ‘The Institute of Sexology’ exhibition. Naturally enough one of Vienna’s most famous figures Dr Freud was featured.

What I didn’t expect when entering the exhibition was to the overwhelming sense of how violent the control of sexual expression has been. Odd really as how repressed sexuality has been (and still often is) as this is so screamingly obvious. It might be something to do with not being able to see the wood for the trees (no pun intended), the luxury I have in spending a lot of time freeing other people from their repressed states and having fun exploring.

Many cases of Victorian horror objects, Nazi book burnings and documentation of early sexological research later, the rest of the exhibition deals with more hopeful topics. Particularly wonderful are the large format photographs of people posing at home, with their DIY fucking machines. These images are a sweet reminder of how people do persist in finding ways to enjoy sex!

My favourite piece in the show is a video work by the Artist Neil Bartlett which presents a parody of Section 28 – the artist denies being gay and then his ‘students’ tell mock revelatory stories of how because of Neil’s influence they have all become lesbians. A Hilarious satirical handling of the issue.

The show ends on an up note with Trans vengers a project that showcases young peoples visions of gender identity smashing through any notion of ‘man/woman’, sure to bring a smile to even the most serious faces….. and my there were a LOT of serious faces as people walked around the collection. Phew!

Going to go and buy a new inflatable gag and a cock cage now, funny how the remnants of repression become refashioned into fetish items isn’t it.


Home again perverts!!!

Wow, it’s been a wild ride the past few weeks travelling through beautiful Vienna, meeting sweet kinksters and then taking the long way home Via Berlin. Great to see old friends there, many intense conversations were had in unique little coffee houses and I ate a lot of cake.

Back home and in the mood to play I set off to London Alternative Market today, more tea and cake with friends as well as a picking up a beautifully crafted new whip. I just could not resist the smell of well cared for leather, plus you can tell when an item has been made with love and is guaranteed to bring good times.

Went to a rather ODD workshop, the topic was ‘Subspace’, not something I’ve seen offered as a workshop topic often so I decided to check it out. We heard a bit about what subspace feels like from individual perspectives and why its important, plus a brief skim over the science behind those physiological changes.

Downhill from there unfortunately. Boring but true I HAVE often gone to workshops where someone in the audience thinks THEY know all.about.the.topic.at.hand, deciding it is a great idea to interrupt the workshop presenters at every opportunity to enlighten us all. A note to all those (usually ‘king of the universe’ style male dominants) you are BORING, your rudeness makes you look like an ARSE.

An important discussion began on the need to respect and stick to pre-negotiated limits in a scene as very deep subspace could lead to impaired judgement. One of the workshop presenters gave the example ‘If for instance you’ve just given a 45 minute spanking and then decide to go in with a cane and that hasn’t been pre-negotiated, well that would be wrong.’ This time the polite interruption from the audience come from a person who actually knew what they were talking about: ‘Um, excuse me, I think it’s more accurate to say that not only is that wrong but it’s ASSAULT’. True dat!!!

Weird, weird waffling from the presenter about grey areas, the importance of the bottom having good boundaries (even apparently if they are a mile high on endorphins) and how everyone is responsible. Looks like they undermined the point of their own workshop there. I have no time for fools and decided to leave at that point. A note to all players, check out those you play with carefully, playing with the IDEA of non-consent can be fun IF that’s negotiated, but a trustworthy partner WILL respect the previously agree upon limits.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 17.48.17

On Holiday 9th Oct – 3rd Nov, may pop in to webcam :)

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.24.02

Hi everyone, I’m going on yet another holiday. ‘Life of Riley!!’ I hear you shout…well something like that anyway. So I’m off exploring, eating cake and getting up to no good in Vienna and Berlin from the 9th of October and back in London around about the 3rd of November.

I WILL be popping online to check messages fairly regularly and possibly to webcam from time to time…. I have to say I miss it when I don’t see your smiling faces and other things *raises eyebrow* for a while. So stay alert and you may just get to chat with Me, play games, and discuss the quirkier side of fetishes if you are in the right place at the right time.

Wishing you fun in the meantime and if you get the opportunity do all the naughty things. Life is for living after all and at least you will have had a bloody bizarre time and laughed a lot!!

😉 Mz Jane

Relaxation via BDSM

It may seem a paradox to speak about being whipped, tied up, gagged, rendered powerless as a form of relaxation. To have the control of your most basic thoughts and actions taken away from you is probably not most peoples idea of a good time, but this is all about context.

The first most important part of that context is consent! Being pushed to the ground, stepped on and told you will do exactly as you are instructed, might not have much charm on its own merit. UNLESS it’s something you have fantasised about for a long time and you have asked an attractive and trusted person to help you make that fantasy a reality.

Who and where are also key factors, when the perpetrator of your chosen demise is a beautiful mature woman who radiates power and a joy in controlling others. When the setting is a room filled with curiously made furniture and many interesting devices, then anticipation may kick in.

I have to say that the above and many variations have proven to be true over and over again. Being submissive in the dungeon or another play space CAN provide an amazing time out from the stresses and strains of day to day life.
Decision making becomes so much less of a chore when there are no decisions which are yours to make!!

On My side of things I can occasionally arrive at the dungeon with life’s day to day concerns on My mind. Like a magical spell the surround of the dungeon and the readiness of a submissive work their charm and I too can immerse Myself for some time in the pleasures purely of the moment. Enjoying total control over another human and the joyfulness that is PLAY in its kinkiest form, emerging from the experience with a spring in My step and a sparkle in My eyes.

So yes, it’s a spa retreat by any other name! 😉

*Important to note that I will be away on holiday much of October – from the 10th onwards – I know there are those who like to plan sessions well in advance*


Fun Times in Manchester

So.Much.Fun: from satisfying My fetish for clean white sheets and plush hotel rooms, to the scream of filthy perves biffing each other over and then dishing out a damn hard fucking, oh YES Manchester hit the spot. So much so that I’ve started looking at flights and booking rooms for Folsom in Berlin: The next big date on the international kink calendar.

The opening night auction of kinky goods and services was as usual a chance to dress up and see and be seen, greeting old friends and eyeing the fresh meat 😉 The most popular items in the bidding seemed to be a set of jewelled butt plugs, ranging in size from petite to LARGE.
After socialising, flirting and spending money I fell gratefully into My soft bed to get some rest for the full on assault of the next day. When you know it’s going to be over 24 hours of pervery ahead it pays to grab a little extra rest!

Up bright and early the next morning for a pre-workshop breakfast I have to say that the ‘Canal Street’ area of Manchester is NOT over run with great cafes. I’m sure I’m spoiled by London and other international cities array of eateries but I do love to eat out, considering a leisurely and well served meal on of life’s sensual pleasures.

The workshops: First of all possibly not very kinky sounding I attended the first aid for BDSM’ers class. Safety precautions, bandages and re-suss dummies may sound boring but they are HELL of a interesting when you need them, so it’s always best to brush up on those skills!

Next was one of My favourites of the conference: ‘Pegs and clamps’, an in depth looks at all the joyfully sadistic pain and pleasure that can be extracted using these simple tools and a nefarious mind set. There is always MUCH inspiration to be gained and in this case new ideas of predicament bondage and the removal of clamps were happily taken on board. Such a pleasure to watch a fellow sadist at work.

At this point I decided to skip the last class of the day in order to enjoy a long soak in a hot bath, ably attended to by My houseboy. Bathing is so much more fun when there is some one else there to work up a good lather, pour the water and sponge all of those hard to reach places. Of course occasionally the houseboy does come off the worse for wear after a good dunking and an invasive body search. Just because I’m naked and in the tub doesn’t mean I stop being an Evil Queen.

Were caught up with the friends driving us to the venue and set off for ‘Mars’ as I’ve described in other blog posts this is one very sweet venue. The perfect place for a party, situated some way outside of Manchester it is well worth the journey to experience to notch equipment and a very atmospheric play space.

Of course company in such places is always important and I had hit the jackpot being surrounded by 40 or so SM Dykes. I tied the houseboy to a handy Rack set into the wall and proceeded to give him a good working over with My recently rediscovered boxing gloves, I can’t believe I had set them aside for so long! Combined with a bit of impromptu (and in very high heels) kick boxing I soon had him reduced to a jellyish horny state, craving more invasive procedures. Hot and sweaty with all the exercise I shucked off the gloves and put on a tighter pair of latex ones, reaching for the lube as I watched My houseboys eyes WIDEN. That’s not all that got stretched that night! Happy Times.

Remember that I’m away on holiday the 9th-19th of June! See you after that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 19.45.03
The relaxation that perversion brings!