Deck your balls with boughs of holly – Christmas holiday greetings

Christmas is not My favourite time of year, I love holidays but there’s something a bit sickening about the current ramping up of consumerism in the midst of a recession. If there is one thing I would love to give our Tory government – as they snigger about poor peoples need to use food banks – its a good hard kick in their Christmas nuts.

Seasonal ranting aside.

I will be online and available to chat this Christmas period!! I plan to work much of the Christmas break and then take a holiday over New Years. If you wish to catch up with Me and chat about all things naughty, disciplinary or fetish related then do check to see when I am online to webcam or take phone chat calls here:

When I return in the New Year I will be launching a new option of HALF HOUR APPOINTMENTS. For those who are shy, curious or short of time, I will be offering short and sweet or sharp and to the point half hour sessions: Nervous newbies may come and visit Me for a BDSM ‘taster session’, we can take a tour around My incredibly well equipped dungeon and I try out a few things, so you can feel first hand what you might like to try more of. I can also explain and demonstrate various pieces of equipment that catch your eye.

For those who are more experienced I will be offering short, sharp disciplinary sessions, half an hour of OKT spanking or more strenuous exercises for those who are equal to the punishment.

Oh the FUN will will have!!

Usual session booking rules will apply.

For those who I won’t see until new year My good wishes to all of you who have visited Me in session, been My slaves via webcam or given Me hours of interesting and happy correspondence via tribute emails. I look forward to continuing our games in the New Year. Wishing you all a happy and safe Xmas and New year  – Mz Jane.


Can’t get enough of spanking – tender anticipation.

I know I’ve written about spanking before, but hell if it’s something you like there is always more to say on it – right? My mind keeps returning to the anticipation I feel when I know I’m about to enjoy giving a good spanking. Those semi-awkward moments beforehand, when the person about to be spanked wants to give in, is in fact dying to bend over and be whupped, but is hanging back shyly.

At this point slight hesitation and blushing is highly arousing, nothing like a show of vulnerability in ones intended victim to get the juices flowing. Of course no matter how much anticipation and build up there is, believe Me build up is always worth it, the moment will come when I firmly assert My authority and say: ‘Come here and bend over.’

Positions in which to spank, ah now there is a delicious matter to ponder. I think having the subject bent over is rather essential, but there are merits to a number of ways in which to do this. A traditional OTK (over the knee) spanking has many sensual points to recommend it, not least the physical and emotional intimacy of being flesh to flesh with ones Dominant. Held firmly in Her grasp, pinned with a firm grip about your waist as Her other hand explores the tenderness of your about to be tingling buttocks.

Still I cannot resist other positions for spanking especially those which involve a level of disciplinary role play. School, office or an error made in a domestic setting, which requires a stern reprimand that both of us fully understand the need for. In those cases the words ‘Bend over and drop your pants’ can drive a terrifying thrill through the body of the spankee. Delightful.

Heh!! We haven’t even got to the point of actually laying palm to flesh yet! But I said anticipation is well worth the wait. I will write some more on the pleasures of spanking soon.


More on the terribly humiliating poetry competition

A while back I posted a poem by a certain very preoccupied slave, you can read it here if you like.

It wasn’t long until I recieved other examples which vied for the title of ‘the Pam Ayers of perverted poetry’, or perhaps ‘McGonagall, sadist to innocent rhymes’. I tossed these attempts back as it is My opinion that dashing of line after line describing the inner musings (wank fodder) of a slaves mind is NOT ENOUGH OF A CHALLENGE. I decided to up the anti and demanded that slave educate themself in the requirements of HAIKU.

Below are a couple of My favourite examples, which I have to say did make Me laugh rather loudy. No extra points given for guessing the poems theme.  Enjoy.

She stands above me
drip drip spray torrents rain down
warming like the sun

Drip drip tinkle splash
Her feet either side of me
my face wet and warm

Live recitations will of course feature in My next session with this slave as I am absolutely SURE that they will be a dab hand at accompanying their live performance of these pieces with arty noises, (made verbally) such as the sound of windchimes or a gently babbling brook. Nothing quite like laughing at another persons embarrassment before bending them over to dish out a few good slaps to their arse.


Travels and watersports, fun with taboo.

I’ve been back in London for a week now but have only just found the time to blog. Wow, Copenhagen was FUN! I was invited to Copenhagen to teach a watersports workshop as part of a mini-conference weekend organised by ‘Copenhagen Power-Exchange’ a group that organises parties, education and regular munches for the Women and trans community.

Arriving in Copenhagen reminded Me how grim London can be at times (London is certainly a city that throws it all out there to be seen) whereas Copenhagen is all clean lines, sharp clean air, clean blonde scrubbed looking people and more clean everywhere…. it’s the sort of thing that is nice for a change but could get creepy over a longer period of time.

The space where the event is to be held is a hidden gem “Smil’ tucked down a side street this is an extensive Dungeon space, bar and playrooms which functions as a not for profit  venture, supporting the interests of a broad BDSM community. The space is BIG, featuring a central dungeon area, an interrogation room, school room, smaller more intimate dungeon, plus several more enclosed spaces such as the mirrored bedroom. Their website also features a dictionary of BDSM terms, in case you want to read about your favourite kink in Danish .

The other conference attendees are remarkably young, the average age seems to be early 20’s and it’s great to see a community so committed to mentoring and educating those just entering the life style. The days workshops begin with an introduction to negotiation, then theres a very frisky demonstration of impact play (that’s punching and kicking to you) and a slightly lacklustre ‘whipping’ demonstration. The model for the demonstration is gorgeous, but the Mistress demonstrating says things like ‘When I make a mistake I never apologise because that’s just stupid’ …..ummm?

We break for dinner and then enjoy ourselves a great deal exploring the dungeon, dishing out a few kicks, punches and whacks in a demonstration of tender violence, then journeying home to our quiet city apartment for some rest.


The next morning bright and early it’s time for My workshop on Piss Play, My poor submissive is nervous, they are VERY pee shy and not at all keen on being forced to drink My piss. I’m having fun right from the beginning of the workshop toying with their sense of embarrassment and fear. As I say to My audience this is a style of play suited to psychological play and humiliation. There are already a few blushing cheeks in the audience, who would have known that Water sports would attract so much emotional response!

I run through some safer sex information, a sort of ‘Think about it’ checklist: Is there a chance of any prior STI being present? Is piss going into/onto mucus membranes? Is there any broken skin present? Have recreational drugs/alcohol or other medications been consumed which could in turn enter a recipients system? Safer play is ALWAYS a good practice, it’s not difficult if you use your brains to assess what brings a greater or lesser risk.

The number one thing I want to communicate to those present is that it can be FUN to play with taboo, that once the aspect of safety is covered all of the other inhibitions we deal with are social conditioning which means there is a great scope to build tension, mess with our play partners minds and generally be an evil fucker.

I tease My submissive, make them drink so much water they look like they will burst with needing a wee…. and then take of My own underwear, stuff the lacy handful into their mouth and let go of a perfect fountain of piss across the preprepared plastic sheeting. I’m concentrating on the delightful sensation of releasing a litre or so of water, that and directing the arc of piss out across the space.
Later My submissive tells Me the look on the audiences face is PRICELESS.

It’s a good day, lots of people come and thank Me for making them feel more able to PLAY and to enjoy themselves by doing things that are often labelled as ‘filthy’, more perverts educated and empowered to happily run amok ! ….what more could you ask for? I finally release My sub to go take a pee and then drag them off to the mirrored room to give them a damn good stupping with My strap-on. Ah Copenhagen, thank you for a wonderful time!

(oh I forgot to mention having LOTS of fun in a photo session during the weekend, more new pics coming soon!)

The humiliating poetry competition!

As many of you know a sure fire way to please Me is a combination of creativity and the seriously fucked up. I recently received this missive from slave dinky, who is a serious contender for the ‘Pam Ayers’ of pathetic pervert poetry prize. Not only did his poem make Me laugh but it gave Me a few ideas. If there WAS a prize for the best humiliation themed poem from a slave what do you think it would be? May pondering that question amuse you as much as it does Me.


‘An Ode to Mz Jane’


To the wonderfully sexy and charming Mz Jane
who excites me so much and then makes me feel shame
From the moment we met and You spat in my face
to now, when i see You, my heart starts to race
i adore how easily You can insult and mock
about how pathetic i am, and my small little cock
with Your cruel sense of humour You are second to none
and leave me with all of my dignity gone
When You made me stay and lick my cum off the floor
awashed with embarrasment, i still came back for more
You watched as i wanked while you heard me confess
then grinned as You saw me slurp up my mess
my fantasies and perversions are secret no more,
exposed to You as i knelt on the floor
i still want to kiss each one of Your tattoos
but i know that my body is just Yours to abuse
deceptively innocent, You smile so sweetly
but i am not fooled, You will rule me completely
You’ll laugh as Your slave pleads and he begs
then watch as i leave with my tail between my legs

Winter sports: piss, humiliation and the effects of cold weather.

Bad temper is never a good thing to witness, well unless that is your sort of thing ! 😉 I’m not referring to the kind of verbal humiliation session that would sear the hair off of your balls… tho that WOULD be fun. More that the sudden advance of cold wintery weather has Me feeling slightly out of sorts, but there ARE things to look forward to!

Regular readers may have noticed I have updated My website format, in the next few weeks I will be adding new photographs, content and more links to exciting places to visit.

Speaking of exciting places to visit, I have been invited to a Power exchange conference in Copenhagen at the beginning of November and will be teaching a workshop on ‘watersports’. The workshops is called ‘PMSL – fun and filth with piss’, last time I taught this was a while ago in Sanfrancisco – you can read about it here: Sanfrancisco Leather part one

Another thing I’ve been up to lately (well it’s an ongoing hobby but I’ve decided to add a dimension) is starting a Mz Jane Wild tumblr called ‘Overexposure for the Underendowed’, a BIG (haha) part of My online webcam sessions consists of those who have a fetish for small penis humiliation. I also enjoy live SPH sessions with a select dinky few, you can visit My Tumblr and even contribute content here: Overexposure for the underendowed tumblr

As always with every situation there is a silver lining, out walking in My neighbourhood recently I discovered a leather clothing wholesalers! So I can see a few more leather items being added to My wardrobe soon and today dressing for the cold, I’m wearing a rubber skirt – thank you to the kind slave (leatherlover) who sent Me this gift!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 13.10.27

Letter to a Sissy/crossdresser


(as some of you may know I enter into correspondence with those who interest Me and pay tribute)

I offer an excerpt of a recent letter to a submissive exploring their sissy/crossdressing desires….a peek into this private world… as I know there are so many of you out there who seek to enjoy your fuller selves.

‘Hello xxxx,
your last mail pleased Me, finally began to have some real notion of you and of a conversation developing between us. Many points were raised, but in this email I will confine Myself to talking about My own responses to you.

First of all there is something in the nature of the longing you present that is attractive to Me. This space of openness, malleability, of seeking guidance, these are qualities that in and of themselves present a draw to Me. As does the simple fact of your gender curiosity. When a person is willing, in your case deeply fascinated and pulled towards this sort of exploration, then there is within Myself a corresponding interest. I have a fondness for those who go close to the edge, blur lines, live other than in strict adherance to what we are told. Simple attractive qualities.

All of this presents to Me a picture in which My next instinct is to go deeper, and this is with a not unkind, but I would say slightly predatory sense. Think of it like a wolf or some animal of that type which catches the scent of prey and proceeds, ears pricked, blood quickening for the hunt.

Alongside this there is a matched enjoyment of that which is sensual, an anticipation of a sort of languid revel in the shared interest of clothing, dressing, particular objects. The erotic fascination that can be found in the act of preparation itself, of seeing ones mundane everyday aspect slip away and entering into a space of soft fabrics, silky lingerre, scents which tease the senses and powders and make-ups which accentuate and bring forth the other you. ‘The green room’ in the theatre is one of My favourite places, full of anticipation.

Your sluttishness, the ability to be turned on by the harsh gaze of another, these expressions you have made which speak of a sexual thrill at being exposed, being controlled, letting go of your own knowing of what may happen, the longing for some process of SURRENDER. All of these give rise to My own love of the opposite: to direct, to toy with, to enjoy a plaything….and I think very importantly to be seen as I am…Dominant at a deep level. This is My inner nature and sexual being, without the expression of which I would feel quite incomplete.

Perhaps a picture of a sadist emerges, in part that is true, although so much more on the psychological and subtle level than most are able to grasp. But also very importantly another aspect that your writing and depictions of yourself bring forth for Me is the pleasure of the Mentor. There is a very satisfying level of control that can be expressed as nurturer, guide and protector.’

Mz Jane Wild

Back from holiday and dispelling some illusions about SADISM


Back from holiday!!

I’ve had a wonderful time over the past week spending time with dear friends, swimming in crystal clear seas with schools of little fish swimming around me, resting on the beach, enjoying crisp fresh pine scented air and beautiful views. It was so quiet! I didn’t have to DO anything at all, but I have to admit that after a few days I began to look forward to returning home to London.

Rest is a fine thing, but I am a person who thrives on excitement and activity.
My mind began to turn to plans for the future, the good times I might have in the dungeon and how much energy and enjoyment My interactions with favourite slaves bring Me.

One of the things I love about being a professional Mistress is how My meetings fuel My creativity, and what incredibly sadistic FUN that is.

I feel that Sadism is often misunderstood as a purely physical activity: ‘person ‘A’ hits person ‘B’ and laughs maniacally’. While I am no stranger to the pleasure of causing pain (and laughing), My sadism knows a deeper level of subtlety. It brings a smile to My face as I write, imagining the joy of constructing artful sessions that will stretch a slaves will and abilities. Sessions that  twist a slaves mind and set up hitherto unimagined cravings, dislodging any desire what so ever to maintain control.

To tweak nipples is one thing (surely pleasurable), to tweak minds is another. It is far more gratifying to cause psychological disorientation, to elicit the sensation of being under My power,  than it is to merely strike bare buttocks.

Rest assured I will never cease to enjoy laying bare a slaves buttocks and dishing out deliciously startling slaps or stripes, but without the power of My own WILL and AURA driving that, I do feel the activity would lose meaning.

It is My belief that no matter what we enjoy at a physical level it is the engagement of the intellect and emotions that brings true resonance to our play.

You can probably see from this post why I couldn’t lay on a beach for too long! Look forward to seeing you in the dungeon soon.

Your future enslavement to the Lesbian Sisterhood (Oh and BTW Mistress is on holiday 9th-13th of September)


It was with great amusement that I read a piece by Eleanor Margolis in the New statesman recently. The line that really rang out for me was ‘doomed to enslavement by Machiavellian lesbian sex-maniacs’ what a happy notion that is!!

You may care to read her article here:

Of course in MY world the Lesbians tend to be a little less fond of tofu weaving and yoghurt welding and a LOT more likely to parade around wearing large strap-ons, to carouse in queer sex clubs and to keep trembling male slaves as mascots. It is My firm opinion that the great majority of men could do with some re-education as to their place in the world and what they could do in order to make themselves truly useful.

In fact all of this brings to mind a recent session in which Myself and another Mistress strapped-on our dicks, shouted ‘Fuck the patriachy’ and proceeded to spit-roast our gasping victim.

Speaking of fun times, as mentioned in the subtitle of this post I am going on HOLIDAY and will be away from September 9th- 16th. Time to catch the last of the summer sun while it lasts.

On My return I am planning on starting a small dick tumblr, somewhere to openly humiliate those who are members of Mz Janes cheer leading squad for the UNDERENDOWED’. I would like to thank a certain DINKY slave for their inspiration on this matter.

I’m also happy to announce that I have been invited to give a workshop at an international BDSM weekend (DYKE and trans audience ONLY) the subject matter will be PISSplay 🙂

I look forward to seeing you all when I return from My holiday!

Happy happy humiliation

Humiliation sessions have to be one of My favourite things EVER, but the question remains: What IS Humiliation? What makes one person blush and shudder may just leave another staring at you in disbelief, or even worse completely and utterly turned OFF.

In My time as a professional Mistress I have come across a wide range of humiliation fetishes each one as individual as the person who presented it. I mean that is the essence of fetishes after all, they are our quirks, not anyone else’s.

Whether it is being forced to dress up in silky pink panties, having to submit to an intimate examination, being teased about the size of your penis, being told what a hopeless waste of space loser you are, having to lick up your cum off the floor, or being forced to jack off in front of a group of taunting laughing Mistresses, humiliation fantasies do all have one thing in common: the results they produce.

As surely as I know the stammering, uncertain, panicked and very horny expression of a slave who is being forced to undergo the humiliating exercise I have designed, what excites Me is being the one to dish it out! Nothing quite lights up My eyes and brings an evil delighted smile to My face as the knowledge that My slave wants to do what I say, has often in fact fantasised about doing exactly that….but is absolutely MORTIFIED that their hopes and dreams are coming true.

Perhaps it’s not so difficult for you to imagine My laughter as with a smirk I force My slave to confess their embarrassing fantasies to me. Or My superior strut as I lead the way, you following Me on your hands and knees, your mind in turmoil as you wonder what is going to happen next? Especially as you are certain that Mistress would never ever forget information gained in confession sessions.

All of those secrets that have slipped from your lips, all of those things you finally felt safe to tell Mistress CAN and WILL be used against you, and rest assured there are always many more ways than you are able to imagine in which to be reduced to a grovelling, snivelling WRECK at My feet.

The thing that makes Me laugh hardest and loudest is the priceless moments after having forced a trembling slave to degrade themselves due to the force of My will and their own sluttish desires.
The words I love to hear? ‘Oh Dear Mistress, that was terrible, I can hardly believe I did those things and I feel so ashamed..…. but please, please Mistress…when can we do it again?’