The consent envelope

I’m writing about consent as an envelope for various reasons. 1. In terms of sessions or discreet ‘scenes’ it’s a good idea to follow the rule of not including anything in a session that hasn’t been negotiated beforehand. 2. For power exchange,… Read More

Where to begin?: a kink reading list

As promised I’m going to set out a few books I feel are worthwhile and that I’ve personally gained something from reading. This is not an academically based list, on the whole it is more about practical doing and the negotiation there… Read More

The Spring that comes in Autumn. (Kinky Weather)

At last, I’m emerging from my self imposed sabatical from sessions and online play. Having finished a large writing project and staged some very different flavored public events, I’m back! With a twist. In the coming months as Autumn leaves fall and… Read More

Refocusing the way I work

Life has been super busy of late, to the extent where as a Professional Dominant I have only been able to focus on existing relationships. This is likely to be the case for some time. As I DO wish to continue to… Read More

SESTA, ‘anti trafficking’ law: It’s dangerous!

Vile things afoot with the passing of SESTA. A piece of legislation touted as protection for victims of trafficking, that in reality makes life WAY harder and more dangerous for many sexworkers. #saveusfromoursaviours What the bill means in real terms, is that… Read More

Higher and Higher (maybe)

I have realised and it has been noted by some of you that I have not blogged in a LONG time!! So true. In the last blog, I wrote I had just spend some time in the snowy wilds of Brandenburg immersed… Read More

The wilds of Berlin.

I feel like I’ve been away for AGES, London started to seem like a distant place, maybe this was due to the intensity of my time in Berlin, two weeks can seem like forever: 1. Flying, cheery service, hosts who made food…. Read More

Ego, Blues and BDSM.

January blues, can’t say I have them as a creative project bridged the new year and made the transition time an exciting blur. Traditionally I can be kinda down on January. I’m off to Berlin (surprise) at the end of this month,… Read More

Kink Festival And A Berlin Skyline

10 days in Berlin can hold a lot, like an over-stuffed piece of hand luggage, once unpacked the amount of things you managed to fit in there can be astonishing. So it was with My recent trip to Berlin. Once upon a… Read More

Talking dirty

I’m swearing to myself a bit as I begin the process of upgrading the look of my website and engaging with the mysteries of multi page scrolling. I suppose I could get someone else to do it, but I like keeping my… Read More