Sense and sensuality

An ‘important information’ announcement: I will be away in Berlin for ALL of July. I am currently taking advance bookings for My return to London in August. On the subject of lovely things I recently went to visit The V&A lingerie exhibition… Read More

Post Berlin, Hello London.

Wow, I feel like a fictional character in an American baseball movie sliding into ‘Home plate’. London seems a little more gritty than usually, this glorious April weather – sun, rain hail, sun rain, hail – doesn’t really help. Plus there is… Read More

Berlin! Whoop!

Today I’ve taken My usual rather impressionistic approach to packing: Step one, go out for coffee, read a book you are just beginning to find really interesting, chat to the cafe owner about the terrible rise in property prices around where you… Read More

Mz Jane’s Correctional Facility for men.

It’s a theme I return to over and over again, each time with new insights. Could I ever really tire of the concept, or for that matter the practice? Let Me sketch out the basics for you. Due to the very unjust balance of power in the society we live in: men having FAR too much say and quite the lack, in how to wisely use that say, there is a need for readjustment. Enter: Mz Jane’s Correctional Facility for men! A harsh environment in which a process of re-education and punishment can take place for those who are most in need of correction.

Escape from New York

Not quite in the tone of the 1981 cult classic but I AM glad to be back in London. It’s lovely and warm (comparatively), I’ve had several very decent cups of coffee since My arrival and London still has one of the… Read More

It’s been a GOOD year!

Before I head off on holiday I wanted to share a broad grin and a big thank you to everyone who has helped make this year such a fun and enjoyable riot through kinkland. It’s been a pleasure to establish new connections… Read More

Art exhibitions, BDSM films and getting out and about.

As some of you will know I like to get out and about and go to galleries, shows and films. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing two things lately which i think are of particular interest. The first was an exhibition of… Read More

Oh My, Berlin!!

Home at last and it’s taken Me AGES to land, I have to say I found it incredibly easy to adapt to the idea that My life consists only of luxury hotel apartments, dressing up, going to parties every night and fitting… Read More

Fuck the patriarchy – on undermining compulsory heterosexuality.

A short piece on lesbianism, heterosexuality and gender roles. Or: Why I don’t believe in doing what I’m told and why I encourage others to do likewise. (while doing exactly what I tell you to!) This blog entry has been prompted by… Read More

Hot times in Berlin 17th – 20th of July.

Summer of a sort seems to have arrived in London. As soon as the weather reaches 20 degrees my local park is filled with half naked people. I have no complaints, I enjoy the view. As it’s at least a couple of… Read More