FemDom group play‚Ķ.(tales from Berlin continued)

This was absolutely my favourite play event while I was in Berlin and so unique in it’s set up. As many of you will know I particularly enjoy scenes with more than two players. There’s an extra thrill in the complexity of… Read More

In the wilds of Berlin.

First of all I recommend that if you ever find the English winter is getting you down go to Berlin. The company of 250 Leather Dykes over the Easter weekend has done wonders for My mood! The weather was still rubbish: got… Read More

BDSM/FETISH films, ‘The Duke of Burgundy’

There seems to be a rush of films currently screening which make some approach to the subject matter of BDSM. I’m NOT going to write something about ’50 shades of Grey’, there are plenty of others who have, here’s a good example… Read More

Home and ready to play!

Home sweet home, well mostly. The first few days of returning to London’s winter after 6 weeks of high summer, amidst the beauty of mountains, lakes and forests. Well you do the maths! Those first mornings arriving home, jet lagged after a… Read More

On Holiday

A little note to let you all know I’m on holiday for ALL of January and a bit of Feb. Doing my best not to get sunburnt. Enjoying breathing in the sweetest air. Relaxing, kicking back big time and SO enjoying the… Read More

Visiting the Wellcome Collection – Sexology and all that jazz

It’s good to be back in London! I love to travel but Vienna is a rather conservative place, after a while it begins to feel oppressive. The ‘tuts’ of Austrian matrons are not difficult to provoke, it’s as easy as applying lipstick… Read More

Home again perverts!!!

Wow, it’s been a wild ride the past few weeks travelling through beautiful Vienna, meeting sweet kinksters and then taking the long way home Via Berlin. Great to see old friends there, many intense conversations were had in unique little coffee houses… Read More

On Holiday 9th Oct – 3rd Nov, may pop in to webcam :)

Hi everyone, I’m going on yet another holiday. ‘Life of Riley!!’ I hear you shout…well something like that anyway. So I’m off exploring, eating cake and getting up to no good in Vienna and Berlin from the 9th of October and back… Read More

Relaxation via BDSM

It may seem a paradox to speak about being whipped, tied up, gagged, rendered powerless as a form of relaxation. To have the control of your most basic thoughts and actions taken away from you is probably not most peoples idea of… Read More

Fun Times in Manchester

So.Much.Fun: from satisfying My fetish for clean white sheets and plush hotel rooms, to the scream of filthy perves biffing each other over and then dishing out a damn hard fucking, oh YES Manchester hit the spot. So much so that I’ve… Read More