Travels in Manchester and Vienna

Very excited to be heading off to Manchester at the end of this week, to see friends old and new at the annual SM Dykes conference. Workshops, parties, pervery galore. I’m sure there will also be time for  impromptu play-dates in the… Read More

Games for more than two players! (also note that I am away 21st-26th in Vienna)

Lately My mind has been occupied with the fun that can be had in games designed for more than two players. The complex dynamics, unfair odds and thrill of sharing that comes with adding another person to a session. The intensity of… Read More

A visit to the House of Commons, decriminalisation of sex work (strange bedfellows)

Those of you who read regularly or have met Me in person will know I tend to take a lively interest in politics and to be vocal about defending human rights. When I heard that ‘The peoples parliament’ were hosting a discussion… Read More

At the seaside until March 27th

Yes!! It’s spring time and the opportunity is there for Me to nip out of London for a week to enjoy some fresh sea air, peace and quite. It’s one of the funny paradoxes of My life that I am NEVER bored,… Read More

the initiation – a subtle approach

I’ve just added a new tab to My ‘Sessions’ page called ‘Softly softly’. This is for those who are shy, curious but perhaps quite intimidated by the idea of entering the world of BDSM. While it is true that Mistress enjoys all… Read More

strap-on / pegging and the myths of heterosexuality

Wow, it’s February…how on earth did that happen?! Well they say time flies while you are having fun and so far 2014 seems to have whisked by. Once again life and experiences in the dungeon have Me pondering the MYTHS that surround… Read More

Face-sitting for the win! The heaven and hell of sensual smothering.

What a delight it was to discover face sitting. I can’t say that this exists in the lesbian world (well not the same way) ! Instead I have My submissives in the world of professional Mistressing to thank for introducing Me to… Read More

Deck your balls with boughs of holly – Christmas holiday greetings

Christmas is not My favourite time of year, I love holidays but there’s something a bit sickening about the current ramping up of consumerism in the midst of a recession. If there is one thing I would love to give our Tory… Read More

Can’t get enough of spanking – tender anticipation.

I know I’ve written about spanking before, but hell if it’s something you like there is always more to say on it – right? My mind keeps returning to the anticipation I feel when I know I’m about to enjoy giving a… Read More

More on the terribly humiliating poetry competition

A while back I posted a poem by a certain very preoccupied slave, you can read it here if you like. It wasn’t long until I recieved other examples which vied for the title of ‘the Pam Ayers of perverted poetry’, or… Read More