Travels and watersports, fun with taboo.

I’ve been back in London for a week now but have only just found the time to blog. Wow, Copenhagen was FUN! I was invited to Copenhagen to teach a watersports workshop as part of a mini-conference weekend organised by ‘Copenhagen Power-Exchange’… Read More

The humiliating poetry competition!

As many of you know a sure fire way to please Me is a combination of creativity and the seriously fucked up. I recently received this missive from slave dinky, who is a serious contender for the ‘Pam Ayers’ of pathetic pervert… Read More

Winter sports: piss, humiliation and the effects of cold weather.

Bad temper is never a good thing to witness, well unless that is your sort of thing ! 😉 I’m not referring to the kind of verbal humiliation session that would sear the hair off of your balls… tho that WOULD be… Read More

Letter to a Sissy/crossdresser

(as some of you may know I enter into correspondence with those who interest Me and pay tribute) I offer an excerpt of a recent letter to a submissive exploring their sissy/crossdressing desires….a peek into this private world… as I know there… Read More

Back from holiday and dispelling some illusions about SADISM

Back from holiday!! I’ve had a wonderful time over the past week spending time with dear friends, swimming in crystal clear seas with schools of little fish swimming around me, resting on the beach, enjoying crisp fresh pine scented air and beautiful… Read More

Your future enslavement to the Lesbian Sisterhood (Oh and BTW Mistress is on holiday 9th-13th of September)

It was with great amusement that I read a piece by Eleanor Margolis in the New statesman recently. The line that really rang out for me was ‘doomed to enslavement by Machiavellian lesbian sex-maniacs’ what a happy notion that is!! You may… Read More

Happy happy humiliation

Humiliation sessions have to be one of My favourite things EVER, but the question remains: What IS Humiliation? What makes one person blush and shudder may just leave another staring at you in disbelief, or even worse completely and utterly turned OFF…. Read More

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Putin? (on the persecution of LGBT people in Russia)

I was a little shocked while having lunch with a slave the other day that during our usual discussion of current events he hadn’t heard about what is going on with LGBT people Russia!! I looked at him a little gobsmacked, one… Read More

The much neglected art of spanking

When I say neglected I am not implying that spanking is without enthusiasts, of course there are whole websites and video channels dedicated to producing interesting material to tickle you spanking fancy. Personally I never tire of watching Betty Page getting spanked…. Read More

SexWorkers protest outside the Swedish Embassy, No to the Swedish model!! YES to sexworkers rights and decriminalisation!!!.

Yesterday it was My pleasure to go and exercise My democratic right to protest, better get in quick before the Tories privatise that too!! The demonstration I attended was one of around 25 happening worldwide, mourning the murders of sexworkers Dora Özer… Read More