My preference is to be contacted via email:

All emails regarding session bookings must be laid out as per the following instructions:

Give an honest appraisal of yourself, your experience and capabilities. What do you hope for? What are your unfulfilled fantasies? Are there some limits you need Me to be aware of? What would your worst nightmare be?….. Then I will take over from there.

Tell Me what  you desire – I’m not interested in a prescriptive list – I want to see what among your interests might provide inspiration, tickle My fancy, or pique My curiosity. A great deal of psychological information can be gained in the application process, which may be of use to Me later on in session. Lay yourself bare. Don’t write ‘War and Peace’, DO give me some idea of you as a person, we are after all HUMANS hoping to relate to one another.

Be honest about your level of experience, if it is ‘none’ or very limited please say so, there is no shame in this. The worst mistake someone new to BDSM can make (apart from a lack of good manners) is to fail to acknowledge their own limits.

Tell Me if you have any medical/physical limitations.

Give Me a preferred time and date for your booking, I don’t work everyday and advance planning is needed. Suggest 2 – 3 dates you can make and I will see what best suits Me.


‘One liner’, carelessly written or copy paste emails will be ignored. Read My instructions and FOLLOW THEM. Sending an email that lacks the required information demonstrates a disturbing inability to read, this will not encourage Me to offer you an appointment.

I try to answer all mails promptly, but I do not enter into lengthy online exchanges. I have ZERO interest in playing games of email ping pong UNLESS I am being compensated for My time.

A non-refundable booking deposit of £50 per hour is required before session bookings are confirmed.

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